Isabel Cortez asks for an investigation against Gonzalo Alegría, but hours later she discredits the complaint


The congresswoman of the caucus Democratic Change Elizabeth Cortes expressed in a contradictory way referring to the complaint against the candidate for mayor of Lima by Together for Peru, Gonzalo Joywho was allegedly accused for psychological and sexual violence by her son.

At first, after the news was spread on the Nativa website, the left-wing legislator spoke through her Twitter account to condemn what happened and demand an “immediate and thorough” investigation in the corresponding instances. He also expressed his solidarity with the alleged victim.

“The denunciation of the candidate of Together for Peru for Metropolitan Lima, Gonzalo JoyIt is serious and those of us who are the visible faces of the organization cannot remain silent. I express my rejection of the violence narrated in the journalistic note. Solidarity with the complainant and I will request the respective instances of the party to proceed with an immediate and thorough well as that corresponding sanctions are carried out, ”he said through Twitter.

Only a few hours later, on the same Tuesday, September 20, the parliamentarian who entered Congress for Together for Peru expressed herself in a contradictory manner regarding her first statements. In an interview on Canal N, Cortez Aguirre tried to discredit the complaint against Gonzalo Alegría and endorsed the candidate’s version by pointing out that the complaint does not exist.

“I am sorry for these types of complaints. It is unfortunate because (the accusation) has no basis. The candidate has no record, in his procedures that correspond to him (as a candidate) and that he has presented (before the electoral authorities) he has not registered a police or judicial record, ”he said.

In this line, Elizabeth Cortes also argued that not every complaint can be taken as true: “I have just seen the documents that you presented, the papers at the time of registration (as a candidate). This complaint does not exist because a complaint can be made by anyone and that does not mean that it is true.

Complaint against Gonzalo Alegría

Last Tuesday the 20th, the Nativa portal revealed said complaint dating from March 2021. According to the version of the son, Gonzalo Joy He would have sexually violated him, since he showed him his genitals without his consent and proposed to have sexual relations.

At another time, the outlet revealed that, according to the official letter, the son also said that the candidate for Together for Peru would have forced him to accompany him to San Juan de Lurigancho to sign some documents for the rental of a place despite the fact that he was convalescing from a recent operation.

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