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The European Union ,The European Union), in addition to the challenge of foreign security created by the Russian invasion of Ukraineface serious internal political threats that have a cumulative effect and worsen democratic quality of the rights of their states and citizens. These include: consolidation of totalitarianism and authoritarian political management within the European Union, the erosion of Freedom of expression and press and the electoral rise of far rightWhitewashed by conservatives as respectable and shunned by social unrest.

The European Parliament confirmed on 15 September that Hungary has been made An “Electoral Autocracy”“. The motion, approved by 433 votes in favour, 123 votes against and 28 votes, criticizes it.”Lack of decisive EU action has contributed to the breakdown of democracyThe rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary”. The European Parliament specifies that Hungary fails the following: constitutional and electoral systems, judicial independence, freedom of expression and the press, privacy and data protection, academic freedom, freedom of association freedom, freedom of religion, the right to equal treatment, economic and social rights and rights of minorities, immigrants and refugees, while corruption and conflicts of interest are on the rise.

Governance developed by the Prime Minister of Hungary since 2010, Viktor Orbanis that Model that mimics far-right Law and Justice (PiS)one who rules Poland From 2015. Orban too Ultra is a model for Giorgiameloniapost-fascist leaders brother of italy and preferred to become prime minister after the election on 25 September. Orban is also a model for other ultra parties, such as Federation (Aide of Meloni), Vocal (Spain) and national rally (France), but also for the leader of the European People’s Party Slovenia, Former Prime Minister Janez Jansa, Sweden Democrats (SD), with neo-Nazi roots and who will be decisive in the formation of the new government, sympathetic to liberal government Orban’s they voted against its disapproval parliamentary

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Following a vigorous proposal from the European Parliament, the European Commission had to stop dragging its feet and in an unusual Sunday meeting it proposed 18 September Disbursement of 7,500 million aid to Hungary suspended, But he justified the measure on the basis of only Corruption And made a pact to avoid the country’s serious democratic deficit. The Council of Ministers of the European Union has no desire to approve Orban, despite its proximity to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Hungary does not even see the proposed approval In conclusion of the Council of Ministers for General Affairs of the European Union on 20 September. Files against Poland and Hungary for serious violations of democracy, freedom and the rule of law have been locked in the Council of the European Union for four years.

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Faced with a serious decline of press freedom, the European Commission proposed on 16 September a European media freedom law, The European Union of Journalists supports the proposal, but claims strengthen the mandatory nature of its provisions for it to be effective. The initiative complements the draft Directive Against Intimidation Litigation to Silence the Press and Citizens (SLAPP). During 2021, at least 778 journalists and media organizations were targeted Within the EU, from physical to judicial, through censorship and intimidation, the Media Freedom Rapid Response report details. Spain has lost 3 points in the Press Freedom Index Reporters Without Borders numbers since 2013. The decline has been 15 points in the Netherlands, 13 in Austria, 7 in Germany and 5 points in Italy. even the countries that lead it gradesuch as Denmark, Sweden and Finland, 2 to 5 point setback,

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adopting laws against fake news It also provides cover for governments to intimidate journalists, such as the conservative Greek government, for the dissemination of news “capable of causing concern or fear or undermining confidence in the economy, defense or health”. years in prison and that the officers call a liar. Human Rights Watch estimates that That law wants to scare the press and citizens So that they do not spread anything that will cause trouble to the officials.

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