Instagram ‘Your Activity’ Now Supports Bulk Deletion of Posts, Reels and Comments


Instagram has announced the launch of new features in the ‘Your Activity’ settings in the app. New features will allow users to view and manage all of their activity in one place. This will include the ability to bulk delete or archive content and interaction. Previously, “Your Activity” allowed users to set how long they spend on Instagram, set notifications, and view their interaction history. The new updates bring a lot more features and controls to this particular setup.

Users will be able to sort and filter their content and interactions and search for past comments, likes, stories, etc. based on date ranges. For example, the Interactions tab will allow you to see everything you’ve liked on the platform, all the comments you’ve made, and even Story replies. Again, this will come in handy if someone wants to delete comments and just revisit an old post they might have liked a few days ago.

They can also use this feature to find previously deleted or archived content. Users can check their search history on the platform and see the links they have visited and the amount of time they have spent on the platform.

The ‘Your Activity’ feature can be accessed from the menu that users get after tapping on the top right corner of their profile section. Since the update has just started rolling out, make sure you have updated to the latest version on both Android Y iOS to see the new details.

Users will soon be able to help their friends regain account access

Instagram also announced that it is currently testing a feature where users who lost access to their account can ask their friends on the platform to confirm their identity so they can regain access. Details on how this mechanism will work were scant.

Taking a break

Earlier this week, the The social media platform had also announced its “Take a Break” campaign in which the platform will periodically alert users moving around the platform to take a break from their phones and engage in other activities.


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