Instagram: users report the collapse of the social network in different parts of the world


instagramAccording to multiple reports, Meta’s social network has just suffered a worldwide crash. users In social network, Internet users indicate they cannot access famous stage, Till now there is no official statement from the developers regarding this problem.

by page downdetectorBefore 12:00 PM, thousands of users are reporting that they have problem with instagram, 70% of Internet users indicate that they cannot access the application, 27% indicate that the social network does not load and 3% do not even access the web version.

Instagram reports. Photo: Capture Down Detector

A map of reported bugs and issues on Instagram indicates that the most affected users in Peru are from Lima, Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo and Arequipa. The same happens in other countries like Mexico, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, England and others.

At the moment, it is expected that the administrators of the application can pronounce themselves and correct errors so that Internet users can navigate the social network with complete normality.

Instagram users complain on the social network

via hashtags #instagramdownThousands of users around the world have been expressing their complaints through Twitter about the badness of Instagram. Some users have also posted screenshots of the error window that appears.

Instagram bug. Photo: Captured on Twitter

How to know if Instagram is down?

Yes instagram It’s down and doesn’t work globally, it won’t take more than five minutes for the app to find tweets from users around the world reporting the problem.

Similarly, users of social networks target You can also go to the report page. down detector search more “Instagram”, You usually don’t have to explore the web as much as it will show up in the first results. Here you can check whether the platform is just for you or for everyone.

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