Instagram announces ‘Take a Break’ feature to encourage breaks from social media


Instagram has announced a new campaign called ‘Take a Break’ in various countries including India. Take a Break will alert users scrolling through Instagram to periodically take breaks from the platform and focus on other things. The platform will also alert users of the new inclusion with a notification.

The platform also added that users “will also be shown expert-backed advice to help them reflect and reset.” However, users will have control over whether they want to keep these notifications timely.

“The well-being of young people is important to us, and we are focused on ensuring that the time they spend on Instagram is intentional and that people feel good about it,” Natasha Jog, Public Policy Manager, Instagram, Facebook India said.

“With this context, we launched ‘Take a Break’, to significantly improve the experience on Instagram for young people, parents and guardians. Our goal is to continue our work to create a safe and supportive environment on Instagram, so young people can use it to explore their interests and find community,” she adds.

Instagram collaborates with ‘We The Young’ to bring the feature to India through a campaign called ‘Break Zaroori hai’. The campaign will run for one month and will highlight situations where young people could use this feature.

‘We The Young’ will work with creators, mental health experts and other stakeholders to produce multilingual content that will emphasize the need to make informed decisions about the time they spend on the platform and educate users on ways to incorporate ‘Take A Break’. ‘ with his social media routine, Instagram said in a press release.

Take a break will be available on iOS immediately, and will extend to Android In a few weeks.


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