Infamy on the Rambla, by Astrid Barrio


Who is married to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the unfortunate Islamic attacks on the Rambla in Barcelona? Pathetic behavior of some of the people present in the incident,of the ideology of freedom, which took this opportunity, with ill insensitivity, to return, instead of showing respect and solidarity to the victims and their families, and rejecting terrorism. Support the deranged thesis that blames the attacks on the Spanish state.Beyond the general trepidation of political officials, who are no less abhorrent as they are used to in such a context, the high He didn’t even respect the minute of silence in honor of the victims which was interrupted by his proclamations. The slander could have ended here but it did not. Once the Institutional Act ended Suspended Speaker of Parliament Laura Boras,He approached the demonstrators to greet him, which equated to endorsing his behavior, even though he later said his behavior was out of place, and displayed a self-satisfied shameful smile as a result of unprecedented vanity. The welcome was done by shouting “President”. it wasn’t time to take a mass bath And to do so under those circumstances only reveals a great moral turpitude.

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