India ranks third globally for consuming pirated content in 2021: Akamai Report


The number of visits to pirated sites increased in 2021. A joint report published by Akamai and MUSO shows that global demand for pirated content soared between January 2021 and September 2021. India recorded 6.5 billion visits to pirated websites, the third highest after the USA (13.5 billion) and Russia (7.2 billion).

According to the report, a total of 132 billion visits to hacking websites were recorded in 2021. While 61.5% of consumers who visited piracy sites accessed them directly, and 28.6% actively searched for them. The report titled: “State of the Internet” also revealed that during the first nine months of 2021, hacked websites dedicated to movies, TV shows, music, software, and publication-related copyright infringements were the most searched.

“As content developers get better at protecting against piracy, criminals are adapting their methods of accessing protected content,” said Steve Ragan, Akamai security researcher and author of the report. “The impact of piracy goes far beyond movies and other stolen content. The real cost is behind the scenes, leading to lost livelihoods for those who work to create the movies, books and software we all consume and enjoy.”

The report added that there were more than 67 billion TV piracy visits, which is about 50 percent of all pirate site traffic. The publishing category ranks second with 30 billion views (23 percent), followed by movies with 14.5 billion (11 percent) and music with 10.8 billion (8 percent). Software piracy closes ranks with 9 billion visits (7 percent).

“Working collaboratively to deeply understand the latest trends within the ever-changing ecosystem of piracy is key to forming effective counter-piracy strategies, rather than fighting piracy in silos,” added James Mason, CTO of MUSO.


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