In Search of the Lost Pyramids, by Treva I.


The classic form of the population pyramid has a broad base of young people and culminates in the oldest segments of the elderly population. Tot i això, cas espanyol served as pale cami tends to become an inverted pyramid. This facelift, unsteady, is the result of our high longevity and our low birth rate, which sums up our owed a prominent position internationally.

The prospects are not encouraging: birth names do not compensate deaths and both recent crises have eased, disappointing hopes that confinement will have a positive effect on our reproductive habits. Likewise, it is ridiculous to assign the immigrant population to a change in trend: the highest birth rate, which underlies the negative trend of wealth, lasts a little more than a generation, as it quickly adapts to the local model.

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There is another pyramid via d’invest-se, the level of income and wealth by age, with areas of the population high in activity and more rare in advanced age (here, the traditional identities between people at great and at risk of poverty). So Matrix, this historical reality is changing: In recent crises, the relative poverty rate that has risen is that of young people, not great people (because they have income—for example, pensions—more shields ) and, consequently, the increase in longevity postpones the transmission of ownership between generations. The result is that older regions are more occupied by inheritance and in some cases (for example, in France), the median income of these regions lies above the income received by the active population, especially if they are young.

These incidents have presented a worrying reality. To reverse the situation the community of Cridat – in particular, Minasa Natalitat – is most negatively affected: job insecurity, high poverty taxes, difficulties in accessing housing, problems in reconciliation … Augment dels Tipas d’Entres indebted. would play against the population, leading to a displacement of income in favor of older people at the expense of younger people.

Cal adopts Natalist policies because youth fills in Pugin much more than Vulgin

This panorama is not irreversible, as a result of the experience of other European countries such as Malgrt Tote, France and Sweden. There is a need to be aware of the gravity of the creep and to adopt a more consistent and comprehensive multidisciplinary global policy. Hi, a provocative way to clarify the objectiue would be: Pale be dels joves, I per l’interes de la matixa société, this is a conjura perque pugin with so many fil com valguins. It is known that, in Spain, the decitjada natalitat doubles the real and is the same as the tax of replacement of the population.

Les mesures per enclair en pact per la Natalitat Desitzada Syrian Fruit de l’Accord Politique. Some, however, seem obvious, because, in addition, they contribute to equality: education 0-3 years universal and free (this is one of the most effective birth policies and is important to fight against inequality). A sustainable policy of social housing. Manage minimum significant income with pension severity. Encourage all transfer of assets so that young people continue to benefit. Finally, promote an ambitious public employment offer.

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