illuminacio absurd


The rich lighting of the buildings (with façanes d’ajuntaments, castells, hermites, esglésies, estatures or espais sans nightlife cementirises), apart from the current climate, energy and economic crisis, is a reality that is difficult to understand. Tot Sembla indicates that many Catalan municipalities have not preached a new reality that displays absurd lightsabers to Astalvi and the energetic Prudencia, Seguixén.

Citizens must mobilize to stop these absurd lights and fix the waste of energy and public resources with great environmental and economic impacts.

Paris turns off the lights of the Eiffel Tower and Berlin for the Brandembourg Portal, while the Molt Petits Municipalis Catalan goes in the opposite direction and continues to richly illuminate the monuments.
The lack of exemplary citizenship, the waste of public resources, the lack of environmental consequences both have dire consequences.

Marty Gasiot


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