Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui: More spending, more taxes


It is not necessary to be socially susceptible to realize that the current economic crisis we are facing – and the one yet to come – causes severe damage among the most affected populations. Therefore, without much effort it is understood that we need an extra effort of solidarity and that whoever can help can help more to help those who need it. But it is absolutely unbearable for the government to create a new fiscal twist of the screw, second, when it has made no effort to reduce the huge expenditure of various sectors of the administration, which it dares to consider that they are all necessary. , none is superfluous and there is no duplication and it contradicts them all without justification for doing the most cursory cost/benefit analysis. The finance minister, with his zealous action that swamps and obscures any intelligence, presented the spending limit for 2023, a new record, and presented it with the threat of new taxes. He did not wish to give more details. His plan included more spending and more taxes, a complete display of the absence of ideas, fraught with democratic populism. He did not say anything about the 22,000 million euros he has collected as a result of inflation, the most effective and unfair tax, and he forgot to specify how the new tax would be implemented. Aside from consideration, will Podemos copy the proposed rates that far exceed the returns the state has given in its debt issues and turn the tax into a grand forfeiture? It is not known, he does not have time to study it, only time to improve it. Will this apply to special status communities like Basque and Navaran hacienda? Do you agree with PNV and Buildoo? These two have already shown that they only care about who collects and they always agree if they share in the loot. Will it be implemented where property tax already exists? Will it be implemented instead or at the same time? Will this measure quell the current financial war between the government and the communities governed by the PP? Be sure that it will not increase, but will increase it. More information If Moreno announced the abolition of the property tax in Andalusia and a new drop in the personal income tax, Pedro Sánchez would have lost part of his electoral credit by opening a front among the social classes and turning the wealthy into nobles. dashed his little hopes of recovering. social enemy. He chooses to protect the workers (don’t others?), but forgets that a worker needs a job. Will he give it to her?

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