Ignacio Camacho: The Fifth Column


Among the countries in its ranks, Spain is the only country that has Putin’s sympathies in its government. When the Russian autocrat threatens the Western community by appealing to its nuclear power without euphemism or derision—”it’s not a hoax”—the leaders of Podemos feel compelled to make statements that no one has tried to put themselves somewhere. Have not asked. medium; Ukraine war is the only issue on which they take center position. Furthermore, Imposted, as everyone knows its post-Soviet Tsar instincts, is poorly hidden in the criticism of European “warmongering” (sic). It is not that the opinion of this increasingly unimportant party bears any relevance in the struggle, but it is another clear explanation of the internal contradictions of the executive. And although the President pretends to ignore the Fifth Pillar embodied in his own team, the Podemite pressure invading country achieves relative success in miserly loading arms and military material. There are three basic factors in Sanchez’s downfall. The first is their lack of credibility; Second, the inability to cope with the economic crisis and third, the majority provoked by their allies. Even García Page has pointed to the electoral inconvenience of these treaties, fearing that their unpleasant effects would drag the regional barons into a tizzy. In his efforts to keep the Frankenstein bloc until the end of his mandate, the socialist leader has pardoned Catalan independence supporters, brought the bloodiest ETA terrorists closer to the Basque Country and lent his support to the Podemos legislative projects that received widespread rejection. give birth to, such as the secret abortion of those under the age of sixteen. He had to keep all those strange traveling comrades away from the NATO summit so that they wouldn’t spoil the party – and perhaps his eventual candidacy – like rude children, but as soon as he lost sight of the Atlantic high command, he quelled his opposition. pacified by abandoning a commitment to help the Ukrainian military. Perhaps the person at La Moncloa believes that voters will not remember this sort of thing when election time comes, the only time that matters to them. You are wrong. One, two or three concessions may pass for anecdote but repetition activates the memory. And coalition partners, who are not kidding, will also note that Madrid has some ministers capable of blaming Europe when the Kremlin points its nuclear power at it. Sanchez would be able to claim that he has little influence and that he is the one who ultimately makes the strategic decisions. What he cannot do is escape the shame of ruling with forces that are trying to boycott his solemn promise of increasing defense spending. Companies best suited to face the war.

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