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There is no sentence more difficult than the first of each season. The crap cascades from here, but the first one always causes a bit of anguish: You inadvertently rummage on it during summer vacation, supposedly turn it a thousand times in your head and you’ll never fully happily do not agree with. From the clichés of going back to school, to the scent of writing on the first day of the year, it’s impossible to tell what you did last summer.

I hate the first column of every season almost as much as the first day at work. You don’t know whether you should greet in a particular way or get into routine quickly, and act as if nothing happened. I hate the first column of the season because I unknowingly want to make it something special, and it doesn’t matter what you do. Every year’s best columns always come out when I’m least skeptical, like Best Night Out, which are never on New Year’s Eve or a birthday, but on a silly day that you’re not out Were going and suddenly spread like over, or best games in the stands, which are almost never the big day on the calendar, but rather impossible to predict any games in November. That’s almost always when the magic really happens.

But the first column and the laziness it creates are the inevitable toll it takes to reach those moments. Why worry about changing it if you can’t do anything. Right now, this summer, everyone’s talking about the team that’s making it barcelona: I mean, my brain does everything possible so that I don’t write about the team that Barcelona are building, because I have that inherent flaw.

my friend ferdinand He told me the other day that an old politician, who had already retired, told him that some of the problems of a city can only be solved with rulers who are prepared to lose the next election and that , for whatever reason, is something that is not usually found. , Perhaps a definitive fix to Barcelona’s economic problems will require a board of directors willing to lose the next election, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Football allows these plays: Commitment to the short term is well observed because there are so many illusions involved, confusion is the main driving force of the fan—who craves results above anything else—and in football we Fans are bad kids. And who wants to treat a child like an adult? Who dares to dispel the illusion of a child? Nobody wants to be that bad. President Laporta Sure. And neither do I, that’s for sure.

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barcelona It is a big club and as such it faces financial dangers founded in mental certainty: nothing happens in the end. What really happens is that the end never comes, because it has the ability to prolong the end, to pull it out. It is also like politics: the problem is often not solved, it is simply postponed. Meanwhile significant inertia continues and we are pulling. What matters now to my friends is to go to the pool and comment: ‘tenim un team’.

I don’t criticize it, for the record, I only confirm it. If they win, no one will remember it in the last column of the season. if they win

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