IACHR: Withdrawal of CNN en Espaol signal in Nicaragua is the throttle of any significant voice


In an interview with Sergio Sarmiento and Lupita Juárez for El Heraldo Radio, Peter Guy, Special Coordination for Freedom of Expression Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)commented that taking the signal off the air CNN in Spanish, In NicaraguaA sign that any critical voice that does not sing in the official choir will be subject to censorship measures, which should be strongly condemned by the international community.

“Nicaraguan society wakes up without a window to the world, that access to what is happening within the framework of the United Nations is restricted,” he said.

Waka said the people of that country have a right to know the positions that various actors in the international community are taking on the human rights tragedy.

“It affects the right to an informed society, it severely limits the exercise of rights, but there have also been long years of daily life, where censorship is permanent, we must remember that in Nicaragua There are people associated with the media who have been in jail for more than a year.,

President Daniel Ortega withdrew from CNN en Espaol without reason. Photo: Special

remembered that there Several legal proceedings against journalistsSince this activity is criminalised.

“In the last four years, more journalists have come out of exile, and with great effort they are doing journalism from other places.”

He indicated that the cost of the ban is too high for what he deserves. Regional Reflection, America,

in regard of closing independent newspaperspointed out that despite the high barriers to journalism, good and adequate journalism is being done on Nicaragua.

“All that can be done is to support the people who cover the situation in Nicaragua, provide them with assistance, that the states that have opened their doors to them so that they can work from there, that Continue to do so and provide them protection.”

He assured that the states of the region convened at various forums should keep all this information in mind so that they can independently present their stand on the matter.

“It is important that this enters the conscience of our society, I think it shows us” Nicaraguan journalism is an admirable resilienceWhich should also strengthen our courage for the freedom we have,” he said.

Finally, he remarked that The Nicaraguan throttle is for the all-important voiceFor all that is not official.

“This is a moment to express solidarity with CNN and all the media that have been prevented from functioning normally, this suffocation that extends to political leaders, many of them in prison, and I stress this.” I am because prison is a message to all. Leaders who can rise have an intimidating, inhibitory, sinister effect, It suffocates public debate And it has also spread under the leadership of the Catholic Church”.

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