“I am international from the waist down” and other phrases on Julio Iglesias’ 79th birthday


singer Julio Iglesias He turned 79 on 23 September. The Madrid man will celebrate his birth as he has been doing in recent years: out of the media spotlight. His virtual disappearance from the public sphere has prompted some media outlets in recent months by statements from those around the artist to speculate about his physical condition. Argentine journalist Jorge Rial assured him that El Puma, a friend of Julio Iglesias, had assured him that the singer was in a wheelchair and had “little memory problems”. Some statements that Puma himself said he did not make.

More recently, Ramon Arcusa has announced that Julio Iglesias is “in top form, he swims, does gymnastics and is clearer than ever” although he still doesn’t see much of himself as he’s ever been in his best form. Haven’t been a big fan of revealing life. Four winds. In 2023, the singer plans to tour and record an album of her songs with a new approach and arrangement.

Julio Iglesias at his performance in Duluth, Georgia in December 2019.

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In addition, he recently announced, to put an end to all speculation about his life, that he would like to write his memoirs and that he would not rule out the option of being allowed to make a television series about his figure. We do. , The truth is that over the course of 79 years, Julio Iglesias has given great phrases and quotes that will go down in history and will certainly be talked about in the future as well.

The phrases of Julio Iglesias that are worth reviewing:

  1. “The title is that I am alive.”
  2. “I’m a great copier, I’ve always been a good thief.”
  3. “Blessed if I’ve gone through Posh. He was probably less posh than he seemed.”
  4. When he published his first album in English, Julio Iglesias declared: “English is a language that I have worked so hard to learn. Until just a fortnight ago I had a teacher for fifteen hours a day, A beautiful 27-year-old girl who didn’t speak Spanish and who now speaks it perfectly, while I still don’t speak English well”.
  5. “I am the Latino artist who has been the most successful in history representing Latino culture.”
  6. “In 1970 I gave 41 concerts in 41 different Spanish cities in 30 days. I made love every night. 41 different cities, 41 different brides. It was my rock stage.”
  7. “I have had the impression of Trump from the very beginning of a jittery person, close to a comedian. Today I’ll give him a little more time to see if he can clear up all the nonsense he said during the campaign.”
  8. “When I moved to Miami, I couldn’t speak a word of English, but my sex life was perfect. Now my English is good, but my sex life is bullshit.”
  9. In an interview with his son Enrique Iglesias, Julio told him: “You sell records because you are my son, otherwise you don’t sell them.”
  10. “Dreams are a necessity. I sell them night after night.
  11. “I’ll play at all the festivals in Spain. Friends like Dynamic Duo or Rafael have gone to Sonorama. All the Spanish music is gone and I’ll go next year.”
  12. “I am the favorite singer of Soviet youth.”
  13. “Spain is a country of two speeds: one that corrects failure for not achieving success and one that out of pure jealousy condemns and mistreats the winner. We are like that, we Spaniards to each other. don’t love.”
  14. “I couldn’t sing and I used to sing and I couldn’t even be the prettiest and sometimes I felt like that”.
  15. “They’ve said I’m dead, that I’m in a wheelchair, that I have Alzheimer’s…
  16. “I am Jewish from waist to top, I am international from waist down.”
  17. “I’ve been an asshole for a few generations, but maybe I’m not such an asshole anymore, because when they give me wine, I know it’s white or red, sometimes I even know it ’82 or ‘ 61. Speaking of Sophocles, I can also speak of Plato.
  18. “There is nothing more intense, more complex and more demanding than creativity”.
  19. “A good lover is one who has time, who has no problem, who devotes himself to her.”
  20. “I have to say that I am privileged to sing for the people and not the rulers”.

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