Hyundai Ioniq 5 receives ‘2022 Readers Car of the Year’ award from Prensa Iberica


  • SEAT SA and Alphabet Spain President Wayne Griffiths were also honored at a ceremony in which Industry Minister Reyes Marotto announced new field aid of 50 million euros.

Prize “Reader’s Car of the Year” of Iberian Press has once again brought the Spanish automotive sector to a well-attended gala in which hyundai ionic 5 Received the twentieth edition of these consolidated awards. a festival in which they were also going to be heroes Wayne GriffithsPresident of seatsYou alphabet spainOn this occasion he was awarded the title ofname of motorcycler’ and ‘withInstitutional Motor Award‘, respectively,

hit the kingsThe Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, taking advantage of his presence at the event, announced a “publication in it” BOE About a new call that we developed with innovative business group with investment of €50 million, and in which the automotive industry is the one that benefits the most. Marotto “approved the acceptance of the grounds of the State Treaty for Industry in a document to be presented tomorrow in Congress and in which economic and social agents are recognized as the levers of change and the confidence required through this State Treaty.” Gives more security”.

The head of the industry portfolio acknowledged that “we are in a complex moment of change, but in this we also have to write a story for the automotive industry, strengthening public-private collaboration to lead this process”. In what sense, kill special emphasis on the implementation of PERTE OF ELECTRIC AND CONNECTED VEHICLE to which has been added PERTE CHIP Recently presented with a public investment of more than 12,000 million euros, which means that Spain not only wants to play the game, but also comes out to win.

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Xavier MolloPresident of Iberian Press, in his speech “Despite the automotive sector’s commitment to progress and the difficulties, it maintains the momentum of investment and steps on the accelerator to adapt as quickly as possible to the change of dynamics”. An electricity-led process in which “brands are taking increasingly resolute steps” with the aim of transforming our country into a ‘hub’ of electromobility and boosting the economy, employment and solvency of the driving force sector in our country backed by the government”.

Facing a new industrial scenario dominated by electricity, Chairman of Iberian Press He assured that “we are facing a challenge, as well as an opportunity that we cannot miss. A train for which Spain You must move forward, and you must do it in the car ahead”.

To conclude his speech, Xavier Mollo concluded his speech by highlighting the commitment of Iberian Press To maintain and strengthen our support for information relating to the automotive world. A “strategy that is consolidated with the inclusion of the best professionals to bet on new dynamics from our header and promote our flagship publication, neomotorWhich brings together all the information of this field”.

Hyundai Ioniq 5, Reader’s Car of the Year

polo satrustiguiCEO of Hyundai Motor SpainAwards received from the hands of Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Reader’s Car of the Year 2022 acquired by hyundai ionic 5, A recognition that according to Satrústequi “we are particularly excited to receive as this is the first electric model to win the Reader’s Car of the Year, indicating that the market is turning in its evolution towards sustainability.”

Furthermore, according to the director of the Korean firm, ” ionic 5 Leading the way in electrical technology HyundaiThe biggest exponent of our brand’s commitment to electric vehicles and a preview of the 100% electric range that will have 11 models by 2030 and invest in 15,000 million euros”.

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for its part, alberto copadoCEO of alphabet spainexpressed satisfaction with taking Institutional Motor Award Ensuring that “this recognition is a boost in our motivation to continue fostering sustainable mobility for our customers, as well as an injection of enthusiasm for our entire team and affiliates”. Similarly, our country max leader of this surrogate company in BMW Group The way forward is to “continue to offer new solutions and innovative products that characterize sustainability that help us in this transition”.

in your version 2022 Reader’s Car of the Year Awards made a distinction engine name One Wayne Griffiths, President of seat sa, He began his speech by showing his satisfaction on receiving an award that “recognizes SEAT’s efforts to turn Spain into a hub for electric vehicles in Europe”. A reference point for the automotive industry that began more than 70 years ago when “the seat put Spain on the wheels. Now the time has come to put Spain on the electric wheel”. In this sense, the Spanish firm The chief leader of the VW Group To raise 10,000 million Euros in a Authentic Country project which represents the group’s largest investment beyond German borders”. Much of the challenge from which the first “electric and sustainable car made in Spain” will emerge is facing a future in which “there is no Plan B, and in which it is time to accelerate and we have to go out and win.” niurka molddirector of lubricants at Sepsa, and Raul RiboCEO and General Manager of Mapfre Vida, together Xavier Mollo You hit the kings in the distribution of idols of Martin Chirino to each winner.

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