Huddersfield’s Delano Burgzorg argues with angry fans after 4-1 defeat to Preston – Fan Banter

Huddersfield’s Delano Burgzorg argues with angry fans after a 4-1 defeat to Preston, a huge blow the Terriers’ survival hopes.

Will Keane netted a spot kick while Milutin Osmajic produced a seven minute hat-trick to give North End a massive boost in their Championship playoff bid.

Milutin Osmajic made a significant impact by scoring a hat-trick within eight minutes after coming off the bench. Josh Koroma had at first given Huddersfield the lead, but the momentum shifted in the second half when Will Keane levelled from the penalty spot.

Osmajic then took centre stage, scoring three goals in quick succession to secure all three points for Preston.

Preston’s chances of reaching the play-offs have revived, as they now sit five points behind sixth place with five games remaining.

For Huddersfield however, defeat leaves them outside the bottom three on goal difference alone.

PNE line-up: Woodman; Storey, Lindsay, Cunningham; Brady, McCann, Holmes (N.Mawene, 90+4), Frøkjær, Hughes (Browne, 76); Riis (Osmajić, 76), Keane (Stewart, 90+3). Subs not used: Cornell, Evans, Woodburn, Whatmough, Best.

Huddersfield Town line-up: Nicholls; Spencer, Pearson, Helik, Jackson; Thomas, Matos (Healey, 69), Kasumu, Koroma (Jones, 77); Wiles (Radulović, 87); Burgzorg (Ward, 76). Subs not used: Maxwell, Headley, Edwards, Turton, Iorpenda.

Attendance: 14,698 (1,292 Huddersfield Town fans).

Referee: Mr L Smith.

Ryan Lowe said post-match: “Fair play to the boys. We asked them to give us a bit more in the second half. The first half was a little bit flat. We weren’t on the front foot enough and we needed to raise it.

“I get the games are going thick and fast. We’ve now had 41 games and it’s catching up on one or two people, but they raised it in the second half. We changed one or two things, gave them a bit of information to be better in the second half, and we went out and did that which was pleasing.

“Credit goes to the boys, they stuck to the plan. They kept going, were on the front foot, were very aggressive in everything they did, and then we get a penalty to get ourselves back in the game.

“Then Milly comes on and scores probably one of the best hat-tricks I’ve seen for a while in seven or eight minutes. I’m pleased for him.

“He had a good rich vein of form and then dipped a little bit. He was out of the team and he’s had to wait patiently. He played really well at the weekend and then he’s come on today and scored a fantastic hat-trick which I’m absolutely over the moon about.”

On the forward, Ryan said: “He’s a threat. He’s strong. He’s powerful. We’re working with him on some stuff. It’s tough for him because of the language barrier, but he’s getting better at it.

“He’s learning, he’s listening, and credit to him because he’s the one that’s coming on the pitch and performing.

“He’s desperate to score goals and do well for the football club. Credit where credit’s due, he’s scored a fantastic hat-trick.”

With sixth-placed Norwich dropping points on the same night, Preston’s victory closed the gap to the Canaries to five points, ahead of their visit to Deepdale on Saturday.

Ryan said: “It’s massive, bring it on. We’ve got five games to go. The pleasing thing for me is we’ve won 11 games at Deepdale, scored 56 goals which is three more than last season, and we’re on the points tally we had last season so the progression’s going where we want it to go.

“It’s out of our hands in terms of where we are and the teams above us, but we’ve got a game in hand. We’ve got to play Norwich, and Hull play Middlesbrough tomorrow and results have gone for us today, but we’ve got to worry about what we do and if we perform like we did in the second half right on the front foot, very aggressive, creating opportunities, I think we’re a match for anyone in the division which we’ve proven.

“We’ve done that with top teams and Norwich are a top team. We’ve got to make sure we’re right at the races on Saturday, and give it our best shot. With the fans behind us and everyone collectively, who knows?”

Preston boss Ryan Lowe told BBC Radio Lancashire:

“In the end we won comfortably. The first-half performance wasn’t us, we weren’t at the races and we told them that.

“I had the faith and belief that the lads would come out after half-time and perform, we changed one or two things over and gave them a bit more information and said to them – ‘come on, you need to raise it 20%’.

“The penalty gives us a bit of a lifeline getting back in and from there there’s only one team going to win it.”

Huddersfield Town head coach André Breitenreiter said: “When you defend like we did in the second half you cannot get some points. It was terrible, it was poor, too many ball losses.

“We played a really good first half but we missed the final pass to score more goals, we had really good opportunities to score two or three goals and we didn’t do that…

“I cannot tell you my opinion (on the penalty decision) because I didn’t see the clip. But the goal changed everything. Then we have to speak about our own performance and the performance was not good enough.

“After 1-1 there were too many ball losses, we didn’t play as a team, we had bad body language. It was a different game and it was not acceptable for me.”

Huddersfield boss Andre Breitenreiter told BBC Radio Leeds:

“We played really good first half, were in the lead 1-0 and should have had two or three goals but missed the final pass.

“We defended as a team and had a lot of energy, and everything changed with the penalty. It changed the game, Preston got a new confidence and from that moment we defended poorly, lost every ball and were without confidence.

“When we defend like that it’s impossible to get points and we have to do better on Saturday.”

Twitter users gave their reaction as Huddersfield’s Delano Burgzorg argues with angry fans after the 4-1 defeat to Preston…

@deanozoff73: For having the balls to stand up for himself?

@TheWolvesShirt: Fact he went over shows he does care and that he’s got balls, guarantee none of the fans gobbing off would say it one to one. Fair play to the lad

@PNEFansForum: Fair play to #htafc fans showed up on a Tuesday night and were pretty loud most of the game, despite their league position. We played crap and they deservingly nicked one. Then fell apart. Their fans deserve more.

@LizBeth8806: If a crowd of people came to my workplace shouting at me when they’ve never done my job I’d have something to say too!

@OfficialScottyT: Give over, Liz. The fans pay his wages. He’s got a right to reply of course but he’s not in the right here. The moment you start acting up with the fans, it’s over.

@LizBeth8806: If he walked over and gave it large then yes I see your point, but he was giving his shirt to a fan and a different one started mouthing off. He’ll get criticised if he chooses to ignore fans and run off down the tunnel next time. Nothing good was achieved from this!

@PNEPlug: Preston fan here, I have to disagree. This isn’t a normal job, it’s a privileged job that pays a lot. Funnily enough it’s actually those fans that pay his wages.

@JoeBlog377719: Difference is, I don’t pay my hard earned money to watch you work in your office and then pay even more money to watch you have a meeting in another part of the country. Had I done so, I think I would be entitled to voice my opinion of your performance.

@halal_duck: I wouldn’t have a problem with any player asking fans to be respectful even after a crap performance. Maybe get behind the lads instead, it may help them!

@greyfriar1224: Club and fans need to be sticking together. They have a battle on their hands and stuff like this wont help.

@Walter09606575: Respect that he communicated with the fans that are upset, if he’d ignore them you’d have a go anyway. He cares 💪 An LFC fan

@SButtoo: Very poor from our fans IMO… I thought he was much better tonight than last few games; this to me also shows he cares and just wants fans to get behind the boys which IS what is needed!

@craig231084: the more i see this the more town fans just wind me up picking on players it’s what we do best 🤦🏻‍♂️

@diceris_: I don’t blame him for defending himself. If I went to work and people started shouting abuse at me I’d have something to say.

@Joerudd_39: I for one think his attitude is wank, but tbf to him he stood and did try listen to the fans there

@finn_boulton: Let’s shout abuse at the player who comes to talk to the fans and ignore the more senior ones hiding in the dressing room aye

@Scotcraig833: Strange take, the guy is acknowledging the fans and trying to get a point across, where’s the rest of the team and the manager?

@only1kilbane: What’s he done wrong ? Come over and try appease the mongs . Fair play to him

@Th3Watch3: What a Toxic club we are, from jubilant scenes Saturday to this 😂 rotten

@htafctb: What on earth has he done wrong here?

@GingerOgre: Lots of differing opinions on this, but fair play to Burgzorg for fronting it out. Emotions high in the stands and he’s the only one who had the balls to come across and apologise to the fans.

@charlieehtafc: From what I’ve heard he asked the fans to get behind him and respect the team. Booing will do fuck all, will make them play worse. Support the fucking players man. #htafc

@TerrierNigel: This idiot thinks he’s Cristiano Ronaldo but in reality he’s another diakarbi. Pack ya bags and fuck off Mr burgzorg you’re a disgrace

@Worthington_PNE: Uddersfield supporters having a pop at their best player on the night, who’s only on loan anyway. I doubt he’s going to stick around lads. Nice One. #pnefc

@olifisher: Mad how quickly scenes like Saturday can turn to this. Toxic football club.

@Tropikez1: Can’t expect a player or team to play well when the fans don’t back them. There are clubs that go through back to back relegation and still don’t turn on their own like we do. Get behind the lads through thick and thin and we might survive. #htafc

@TerrierRealist: Everyone knows I’m his biggest hater, but at least he’s shown some bollocks to go and engage with the fans! Why’s he there alone, had the rest of the spineless pricks made a quick exit and not gone to apologise to the fans? #htafc

@switfc: Never understood why players do this. When has it ever been successful?

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