How to restore your cell phone to factory version?


when you smart fone If it’s too slow, or you want to sell it, sometimes a factory reset is necessary to keep the computer up to speed and memory as it was when it was new.

so if you want sell your cell phone or it is already too slow, some applications are not working correctly or you are running out of space, what you can do is restart your smartphone as if it was from factory and this is the possible solution, Because it would respond when it was new.

All mobile devices They have a factory reset function, which allows you to remove everything inside the smartphone and return it to the state it was purchased in, remember that performing this action will erase everything you have , so it is recommended to make a backup so that there is no problem.

When to give maintenance to cell phone?

Although there is no official default date for restarting the device, it is recommended that in a mid-range case, each 2 or 3 months The process is done to improve both the speed and performance of the smartphone, if slowdown is not noticed, there is no obligation to carry out the above method.

This only applies to devices that are already very slow, it has some advantages, because once it is restarted we will see how its speed increases Or it recovers when it was new, in addition to being able to run certain tasks and applications as well as improve its fluidity when completely new.

Before doing this, you must create a backup, Since everything will be deleted, including applications, photos, videos, documents and other files that are on your smartphone, it is best to back up to Google Drive, but it is also recommended to do it on a physical drive, that That is, a USB or an HDD.

reset cell phone.
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To be able to install, the following steps must be followed:

go straight settings or configurationSearch for factory reset, click on the button and confirm action, it will only be a matter of waiting, remember your device may be restarted several times or it may take time to turn it on, it’s only the first time in which each process is executed.

like this you can Factory reset your device And fix some possible errors that are caused by the use and storage of information you have, it is also possible that it will ask for an unlock PIN or pattern when performing this action, so it is important to have it ready.

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