How to prevent mosquito bites at night?


This repeats every summer. Summer comes, the presence of insects increases in our cities and annoying mosquito bites arrive. they grow with small animals high temperature And, one way or another, they end up affecting most people.

Most of the time it is of little health relevance, but despite this, bites are uncomfortable and nuisance, and take us to spend a few days scratching the affected area. Therefore, it is normal to try to find ways to prevent this from happening.

The one time when mosquitoes bite us the most is at night, because we are not aware of it while we sleep. itching or buzzing And we can’t react or try to avoid the sting.

If you are one of the people who are most affected by the problem, we propose several along the following lines: Advice Try to avoid night mosquito bites.

1- Put a mosquito net

If you’re one of those people who like to sleep with a window open, which is quite common in the summer months, you’ll appreciate eating these. security barriers Consisting of a mesh large enough to prevent even the smallest of insects from entering.

2- Use repellent

There are a variety of products that try to prevent insects from approaching a person. it should be clarified that The repellent does not kill the mosquito, But try to keep it from getting close to the application area.

repellents can be dermal, as spray, wipe, lotion or ‘roll-on’, As a bracelet with citronella, or especially for clothing.

3- Choose your pajamas carefully

Maybe not the most appropriate in summer, but sleeping in pajamas long sleeve This will provide an additional barrier that will prevent most bites. If you are not satisfied with this option, select light color, Since they repel more light and thus repel insects.

4- Do not use sweet smell

If you take a shower, cream, or perfume before you go to sleep, try to avoid this smell. shampoo, soap, lotion or cologne, Because they attract mosquitoes more.

5- Use vaporizer plug

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There are a number of products that can be used as a . placed in plug of the room, flowing slowly substances that act as repellents of insects. They can be bought at any supermarket, they are easy to use and consume hardly any energy.

What to do if the bite has already happened

When safety measures have had no effect and mosquitoes have already left their bite on our skin, there are several things we can keep in mind that will help relieve itching as quickly as possible and the annoying ‘hives’ disappear. Will be as soon as possible.

  • don’t scratch yourself: You will only get the small wound to itch more and more, and you may even hurt.

  • wash the affected area Soap and water.

  • Applicable cold If you need to reduce the inflammation produced.

  • In cases where inflammation is significant, apply corticosteroid cream can help with your treatment.

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