How to make your phone say the name of the person who is calling you loudly?


it is probable that at some point you may not have your phone at hand and You want to know who is calling you without looking at the screen, for that matters, you should know how much iOS what Android is a basic function with Smartphone will say the name out loud About the person who wants to communicate with you. In this note we will teach you how to enable the option by following a few steps.

This is a useful functionality so that you do not hinder your activities while checking your cell phone and also for people with visual disabilities. However, it is important to specify that the option is disabled by default, but we will show you how to configure it below.

How to activate the option in iOS?

In this case, Siri will announce the phone call and ask if you want to answer them. To activate the feature, follow these steps:

  • go for Adjustment tap more Siri and Search,
  • press announce call,
  • Choose Option Always If you want it to ring on your cell phone or any linked accessory.

How to activate it on Android?

To announce Caller ID on your Android smartphone, follow these instructions:

  • go to app telephone Tap on More Adjustment,
  • press caller id announcement and then in Declare Caller ID,
  • choose in Always To ring your cell phone or any associated accessory.

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