How to Make a Juicy Restaurant-Style Chicken Burger (recipe inside)


Let’s agree, we all have a special place in our hearts for burgers. The burgers, soft buns filled with grilled/amiga patties along with crunchy veggies, cheese and condiments, can instantly lift your spirits. Overloaded, greasy or light and delicious burgers, in any shape or size, rarely disappoint us. And the best part is that you can make it with as many ingredients as possible, whether it’s leftover vegetables, chicken pieces, paneer or more. The hamburger making process does not have a strict rule to follow; therefore, it gives us space to experiment and be creative ourselves. If you love chicken burgers, we have something for you here! We found a delicious restaurant-style juicy burger recipe that can help you whip up a satisfying snack in just 20-25 minutes.

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Yes, you heard right! All you need are some hamburger buns along with a chicken burger, some veggies, condiments, sauces and there you have your burger ready to be savored. For detailed steps, please read below.

Juicy Chicken Burger Recipe: How To Make Juicy Chicken Burger

Start by making chicken patties, take a bowl and combine minced chicken (keema), breadcrumbs, milk, minced green onions and salt and pepper in a bowl. Crack an egg into the bowl and mix everything well with your hands.

Add breadcrumbs to the mixture. Make round patties from the mixture by hand and fry in a pan or on the grill until golden brown.

PS: You can add and adjust the sauces and condiments according to your preference. For a healthier version of this restaurant-style burger, replace the buns with multigrain or whole-wheat buns and grill the burger instead of frying it.

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Whenever you feel like eating a satisfying meal full of delicious chicken patties, give this burger recipe a try. It can also be an ideal choice to prepare for gatherings, parties, and more. Let us know how you liked it.


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