How soon can you opt for IVF treatment after recovery from Covid? This is what an expert says


Since the pandemic began, it has delayed plans to start a family for many people around the world. Now, with people getting vaccinated every day, some couples are considering parenthood. For those who have opted for IVF for conception, there may be many questions about when is the right time to start the process, especially if the woman has recently recovered or is recovering from a Covid infection.

Dr. Y Swapna, Fertility Consultant at Nova IVF Fertility, Vijayawada, says that the most important factor that will determine this is the degree of severity of the infection. “If the covid infection was mild and you recovered quickly, it is safe to undergo IVF treatment once you feel healthy. If the infection was moderate to severe, you should get evaluated by both a doctor and a fertility specialist and then take a call based on their advice,” he advises.

Dr. Swapna adds that after the full evaluation is done, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan. “Usually for a mild infection, the recommended waiting period is 2 months after recovery. If the infection was moderate to severe, the call will depend entirely on the condition of your health.”

Steps to take after Covid to help start IVF treatment:

1. Get vaccinated: The importance of vaccination cannot be stressed enough. If you are not vaccinated after Covid, you must first be vaccinated.

You have to make a conscious effort to reduce your stress. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

2. Practice Covid Precautions: Please continue to follow Covid precautions such as wearing masks, hand hygiene and social distancing. Being infected once does not mean you cannot get Covid again.

3. Have a healthy lifestyle: This is the most crucial part. Staying healthy is important, not only for IVF, but also to improve your overall quality of life. After recovery, once you start to feel better, you can start exercising gradually. Avoid habits like smoking and drinking. Exercising will improve not only your physical health but also your mental health.

4. Nutritious Diet: This is a fundamental practice that you must follow. Covid will have exposed your body to a lot of stress and medication. Keeping your health on track with a nutritious diet is essential. Avoid junk food.

5. Reduce your stress: You have to make a conscious effort to reduce your stress. Don’t go back to your old routine immediately after recovery. Do this gradually to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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