How does your computer greet you when you turn it on?


everyone likes to personalize themselves computer With bright wallpapers, some colors for windows, gadgets, etc. But besides the design itself, there are other aspects we can customize our pc, such as greeting us or welcoming us when it is turned on. Here we’ll tell you what you need to do to achieve it.

login process our computer It’s somewhat monotonous and we have to go through it every time we log in or turn it on. However, to make the process more personal, we can add a welcome message.

To do this simple trick, Desktop Computers or in one laptopIt would not be necessary to install any strange programs that could put the information stored on our computers at risk.

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How to add welcome message on your PC?

For this method, which works any pc With Windows 10, it will only be necessary to resort to a combination of keys and make some modifications to the system registry. Follow these instructions:

  • Press the Win + R keys on your computer to open the Run window.
  • Type ‘regedit.exe’ and click ‘OK’.
  • Click on Local Machine in the folder.
  • Then open Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > Current Version.
  • Now select the Winlogon folder and find the legalnoticecaption file.
  • Click on the mentioned file and add your welcome greeting in the valuable information section.
  • To add more text, click the Legal Notice text file, to add another message, click Price Information.
  • Click ‘Accept’.
  • Finally, restart your computer and you will have the welcome message.

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How to fix if your computer is upside down?

While fixing this problem is usually fairly simple, most users don’t know how to fix it, so they take their desktop PC or laptop to a tech service, who may charge a high amount for this fairly simple solution. can. Here we show you.

  • Rotate the screen 180 and turn it upside down: Ctrl + Alt and Down Arrow
  • Keep the screen in its default form: Ctrl + Alt and Up Arrow
  • Rotate the screen 270 degrees: Ctrl + Alt and Right Arrow
  • Rotate the screen 90 degrees: Ctrl + Alt and arrow to the left.

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