Hours, artists and everything you need to know about the Cordillera Festival


For two days, important bands and artists from Latin America and the world will parade on the platforms of the Cordillera Festival located in Simón Bolivar Park.

(What would it cost to move to the Cordillera, a new music festival in Colombia).

Between this Saturday, 24 September and Sunday, 25 September, musical figures and representatives such as Caifens and Mana will perform in Bogotá. If you have already purchased your ticket and have questions about logistics, tickets, events and presentations, we answer your questions.

In addition, the organizers of the event provide a series of recommendations for keeping the event in mind.

When and where will this happen?

The assembly will be held from September 24 to 25 at Simón Bolivar Park in the city of Bogota. Note that four pallets will be arranged. Presentations on both the days will start at 2:00 PM and go on till before 3 AM. The last performer on stage will depart at 1:00

Artist and schedule changes

Yes, the ticket office is available on the ticket page. Tickets are sold in dollars and will vary depending on the exchange rate.

(The economic benefits that the concerts have left Bogotá).

The price for a day at the normal location is $82, while it is $113 at the VIP. Normally the two day combo is $136 and in VIP it is 209. These prices do not include service charges.

Other details to consider

The organizers of the event are promoting the purchase of food and drinks through a handle that can be recharged at or at the venue. http://www.cordillarafestival.com/#/cashless,

Please note that there will be no official event parking.

-Admission is digital, you must bring your cell phone to enter.

-Don’t share your ballot with anyone, or let them take a picture of you.

-In case of any problem or problem call the secure line: 302-327-3961

-Carrera 60 will stop on the western side, with the ideal 60 to be reached via 63.

Wear comfortable and warm clothes to face the cold and rain.

-Any news will be known through the social network of the festival.


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