Hoteliers before rooftop smoking ban: “People always return to bars”


Catalonia prepare one Law to ban smoking on rooftops. Hospitality & Nightlife Those are the sectors that have previously reacted to the Health Minister’s announcement, Joseph Maria Argimon, this Friday. Roger Pallaroles, Director of the Barcelona Restoration Guild, He claimed to be “shocked” that the government had not consulted him on the matter. Pallaroles has argued that, at the peak of the pandemic, There was already a debate about banning smoking on rooftops And at that time, according to the Palerols, the ‘Consular’ said that “there were already substantial prohibitions”.

Thus, some hoteliers are outraged and believe that this measure will reduce their clientele, but others feel that once upon a time, And people won’t stop sitting on rooftops, even if they can’t smoke anymore. The union is divided on the potential economic impact of one measure, which, on the other hand, has unwavering support. Medical Society. a tour of Sant Andreu Neighborhood It works to take the pulse of the sector.

“I don’t think there will be fewer customers. People, if they want to smoke, will get up, go to the corner and then come back,” he says. Albert, Ownership Ca L Albert, On Rambla de Fabra i Puig. Remember when smoking was banned inside bars and restaurants in 2006, which was predicted by many The end of these deals. ,At first the number of customers was small, but people immediately accepted it and Everyone did.” Albert remembers. From his bar, on the corner of the Gran de Sant Andreu, Sees how “less and less is smoked”. “I don’t think it’s going to hurt my business,” he says.

in up Pabila Bar Restaurant, Maria, in front of the bar, doesn’t hide it Anger. He heard the news this morning. “To me I find it fatal. I want to relax, have a beer and smoke a cigarette and I won’t be able to”, complains the owner of this business that runs 20 years on Rambla Fabra i Puig. “We will certainly have, a Decline in customers. When the 2006 law was passed, many people who used to come here in the morning to have coffee and smoke cigarettes, stopped doing that and started drinking coffee at home,” Maria says.

To him, there is no point in banning smoking on rooftops because “What does it matter if you’re out?” During the COVID-19 pandemic, smoking on rooftops in Catalonia was not banned, but was forced Keep the distance between the tables. “If you really want to improve public health, which prohibits the sale of tobacco. Because this is definitely going to reduce the number of our customers.”

“We don’t care”

from the restaurant Somiatruits, in Merckdal Square, carles Doesn’t show a single bit of concern about a future Catalan anti-tobacco law. “I don’t think we will lose customers. Honestly, when smoking was banned inside, customers didn’t go down. Here we don’t care much True,” he says. “In the end people always come back to the bar”, add.

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thinks like him robert, who drives aparisi bar, Across the square. Totally careless. “I don’t care if they ban it” Answer with confidence. “What will people do? They’ll get up from the roof and He’ll smoke in the corner. When smoking inside was banned, they went out, smoked and came back.” Thus, they don’t believe the measure will harm business. “People are getting used to,” he says confidently. Huh.

more suspicious Martha, From coffee club, On Ruben Dario Street. “I hope I’m not living this law, The truth”, she confesses. Her husband, the bar’s owner, will retire in January and then the business will shut down. “We just had a bad time with Covid-19 and now this. Fortunately, my husband is already retiring,” she says. She believes “such a restriction is not normal” and, like some of her colleagues, warns that this measure will “decline in subscribers.” “Can bring. “Every time everything is more difficult for the hospitality industry”, This woman moans.

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