Hotel offers for Immerso in the Canary Islands have been slashed by 60%


Immerso the terms of profitability and profitability do not go hand in hand in the Canary Islands. Tourism program for the elderly starting this year With 60% less accommodation on offer in islands Compared to the season before the pandemic. The Reason? Rising costs have eaten away at little profit from the program offered to island businessmen., Of the 36 establishments participating in the project in 2019, Tenerife now has only 14 – eleven, two in Gran Canaria and one in Fuerteventura – hotels interested in filling accommodation spaces with this profile.

entrepreneur get off the ship Because the remuneration they get for each location is far less than the costs they have to bear. The contracts set a price of 24 euros per person per day with full board, which is a far cry from the current hotel rates in the islands. Ok, Prices have been the subject of controversy this year because of the Ministry of Social Rights and the decision to freeze rates on the 2030 Agenda.Which caused inconvenience to the tourism sector. The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, also urged the Minister of Social Rights, Ioan Bellara, to sit down with the region to review the programme.

The per person rate is 24 euros per day and includes full board at the destination

The mix between price freezing and inflation has led to the disruption of hotels this year. President of the Federation of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Las Palmas (FEHT), José explains, “As other contracts have been modified, it is necessary to adapt Immerso Tours to the current situation, as it is not possible to maintain these prices ” Maria Manricua.

less sun and beach

According to the hostel, a reference medium in the tourism sector, they are 235 hotels that make offers For this season, 300 to 350 hotels have participated in the previous calls across the country. The shortage is particularly pronounced among sunny and beach establishments, with a 40% reduction in supply – 83 fewer hotels – compared to the season before the pandemic. Nevertheless, the Costa Blanca in the Valencian community, led by Benidorm, is the bulk of Immerso’s proposal, with about 40% of the total hotels that have agreed to sign contracts across the country.

In the case of the Canary Islands, to the effect of poor profitability of the programIt should be added that trips for the elderly to coincide with periods of high season of tourism to the islands, from October to June. Therefore, the project loses interest to island businessmen who like to bet on the arrival of international tourists. “Imerso is designed to prolong the high season on the peninsula, create jobs and prevent companies from closing,” says Manaricua, who assures the reason, “The program’s weight on the islands has always been testimonial. Is.” “And now with these prices, many more”, says the president of FEHT.

Despite the reduction in installations, the program space for retirees has remained stable. After three years of complications, normalcy returns to this historic holiday program for the elderly, launched in 1985, which has only two destinations: Palma de Mallorca and Benidorm, and 16,000 beds. this year they are 2.6 million accredited people who will have a total of 844,471 places at their disposal, Of this figure, 82% (673,926 trips) are in the hands of Mundiplan, which controls one (peninsular coast) and two (island) with 443,887 and 230,039 respectively. Social tourism, for its part, is in charge of organizing the third number (domestic tourism), which has 170,545 beds. In the 2018-2019 season, before the pandemic, 103,000 places were awarded for the Canary Islands and this year the figure remains the same.

Started marketing the Immerso 2022-2023 trip to interested Canarians yesterday. Users living on the islands registered with the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services will be able to book their trips with priority till date. Until Monday 26, sales at travel agencies for these packages will be free, including transportation and accommodation with full board.

Travel for the elderly weighs in on islands as it coincides with high season

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The trips will last between four and ten days, with the first departure scheduled for next October and the last scheduled for June 2023. price will be between 115.98 euros for the cheapest option and 455.81 euros for the most expensive, The factor making the final cost more expensive is the need to use aircraft as a means of transportation, which is why the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands remain the most expensive destinations this season.

Pensioners and retirees who wish to enjoy the experience in the Canary Islands can choose between fourteen establishments distributed among Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura: Altamadores, Altamaar, Alua Parque San Antonio, Alua Tenerife, Aluasul Orotva Valley, Catalonia Las Vegas, Catalonia Punta del Rey, Chequin Concordia Playa, HC Hotel Majek, Marquesa, Panoramica Gardens, Parque Vacational Eden, Valle Orotva and Royal Suites.

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