Horoscope: According to your zodiac sign, this is your tarot card for today, Friday, September 23


start your big day with everyonetarot card magicYou this friday 23 september I have a very special message for you; Well, of course you need an answer or guide for the situation you are worried, worried or worried about, no matter its relation love, money, job, family or whateverSometimes we just want a little push to know what’s good and what’s not and help tarot Always, but always good.

do you believe it or not divination tool always remember to read along much respect What does each card explain, whether it is a Major or Minor Arcana.

letter of the day

It is important to remind you that Tarot reading this Friday 23 September I have a very special message for you though, if I today’s reading There is nothing that resonates with whatever you have in life, it is very important that you let go of the message and let the energy flow.

  • So without further ado, this Friday, September 23 reading leaves the card of “Temperance,” a major arcana of the Rider White Tarot.

    This card absolutely has to do with self-control, balance, you are in the best moment with yourself, you accept yourself and you have complete control over yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, you have accepted others have learned.


If you are in a relationship, this is one of the best cards for you, as it shows the right balance of love, commitment and mutual respect among soulmates.

Conversely, if you have recently had difficulties in the relationship, this card indicates that both you and your partner will solve the problems between you in a harmonious way and that your union is on solid ground.


This card tells us that your finances are finally starting to stabilize, and if you’re in debt, you won’t be around for long.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to win the lottery or inherit a billion dollars, just that you’ll soon feel more comfortable financially than usual.


If you have any bad habits that can compromise your health, this is a good time to try to control them. Maybe you need to exercise more often, stop smoking, or eat a more balanced diet.

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