Honduras declares “war” on criminal groups


The President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, during the launch of the ‘Comprehensive Plan for the Treatment of Extortion and Related Crimes’ this Thursday. , Orlando Estrada/AFP

The President, Xiomara Castro, authorizes security forces to “establish states of exception and suspend constitutional guarantees” wherever necessary.

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Honduran President Xiomara Castro has declared a national emergency this Thursday due to the insecurity registered by the Central American nation and has declared a “war” on criminal groups operating in Honduras’ territory. With this measure, Castro instructed security officials to establish a “state of exception and suspend constitutional guarantees” wherever necessary. Similarly, it ordered that the military police and armed forces carry out border control.

The announcement by the Honduran president came within the framework of the presentation of a national security plan, with which the Central American country “declares war” on criminal groups involved in extortion, corruption and drug trafficking. “Extortion is practiced in different regions of our country, it is one of the main reasons for emigration and the closure of small and medium-sized businesses,” the Honduran president said, according to local newspaper ‘La Prensa’.

As Castro explained, the main objective of his “anti-extortion plan” is to combat the maras and gangs operating in Honduran territory, and especially in the streets of the capital Tegucigalpa. During the mandates of Porfirio Lobo (2010 -2014) and Juan Orlando Hernández (2014 – 2022), the head of state has insisted that the government is now immersed in the search for mechanisms that guarantee the restoration of the lost peace . ,

Likewise, Castro has confirmed that he has instructed the Telecommunications Organization (Konatel) to monitor the sale of chips for phones, a process from now on only after the buyer has been identified. At the economic level, the National Commission for Banks and Insurance must also “establish the necessary measures so that bank movements are accompanied by identification of persons.”


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