High school students complete the clonazepam challenge and get drunk: they were treated by the Red Cross of Toren


at least 9 high school students Was treated by Red Cross paramedics after being poisoned by consuming clonazepam pillsThe director of the Secondary School No. 12 “Carlos Delgado López” located in Ciudad Najas, Torén, informed the local media.

As per the given information, studentsbetween the ages of 13 and 14, took medication in pill form induced by A viral challenge that encourages them to take this drug until they fall asleep, After identifying some of the students with discomfort, the support of the Red Cross was requested so that they could receive medical help.

It was one of the teachers at the school who realized that something strange was happening to many of his students, as they were having difficulty speaking, so When asked what was happening to him, he assured that he had consumed clonazepamA controlled drug that was brought to the school by one of the school’s students.

They got intoxicated for trying to execute a viral challenge

Fortunately, according to high school principal Flor Alicia Amador Salazar, One of the teachers was able to sense that something strange was happening to the students. After one of the students had difficulty speaking, he decided to immediately call the Red Cross to take care of the drunk students.

At least 9 students were drunk at this high school in Torreón. Photo: Screenshot

Amador Salazar said this was the first time something like this had happened on the school premises, so After the incident, it was decided to provide psychological care to the students. that they decided complete this viral challenge Clonazepam, a challenge that prompts people to take this drug until they fall asleep.

“Around the beginning of the third period, the Spanish teacher noticed that One of her students had difficulty speaking, she did not move around at all. came down and told me, We went to check up, I went to the lady, I talked to her and she told me she took some pills, she told me they were clonazepam,” the director of secondary school No. 12 told the media.

The challenge prompts people to take the drug until they fall asleep. Photo: Screenshot

He assured that once he spoke to the student, he mentioned that there were more students involved In drug use: “We have countless details, the school is not very big, here we see what happens inside the school, in this case, because we personally reviewed, It was late in the middle of the contact we made with the parents of the family, we left at 10 pm, after locating the parents who were there,” Amador Salazar said.

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