Hideo Kojima Starts ‘Radioverse’ Podcast, Working on a PSVR2 Game


Hideo Kojima, known for death stranding and the Metal Gear Solid games launched a new podcast by the name of ‘Radioverse’. It’s available to listen to on Amazon’s Audible service, and each episode features a variety of guests to “have in-depth discussions on topics like gaming and movies that you can’t hear anywhere else.”

Episode one hosted members of the Japanese. 2BRO YouTube channel, with 3.04 million subscribers and a catalog of game content from all genres. Currently, the podcast is only available in Japan and in the local language. But, knowing Kojima’s relationship, an English dubbed version could be on the way in a couple of months.

We first learned about this project when Kojima teased his 2022 plans through a cheep, which also pointed to some next-level experiments with a “radical project” and investments for the “video team.” Fans can also submit questions and letters to the show by submitting them in the official website.

As of November 2021, his studio, Kojima Productions, had launched a new division in Los Angeles, focused on film, television and music projects. At that time, Yoshiko Fukuda, his business development manager, referred to his motto of providing compelling stories through new media. “Our new division will bring the studio into more areas that present our creative narratives beyond video games and open up ways for our fans to communicate and immerse themselves in these spaces.”

Many believed this was a clue to exploring storytelling through metaverse. It turns out that Kojima Productions had received PSVR2 prototypes in November, backed by tipster Go leaks on Twitter. According to them, Hideo is exploring a smaller VR game/experience in collaboration with award-winning storyteller Celine Tricart.

Not much has been revealed about his future plans, though knowing his undying passion for movies, it won’t be hard to see him pursuing a project in that field. He remains a somewhat elusive figure in the industry.


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