Here is Chamba! Semarnat offers one vacancy with a salary of 33 thousand pesos per month


Through the Official Gazette of the Federation, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnet) launched a call Regulations – Apply for the post of Deputy Director of Air Mobile Sources, Job opportunity Will provide professional services in Mexico City,

According to the post, The monthly gross pay for the post will be 33,778 pesos (Thirty three thousand seven hundred seventy eight pesos 00/100 mn). Status will be attached to the Under Secretariat for Environment Development and Regulation,

The call indicates that the Deputy Director Regulation-Air Mobile Source Its purpose will be to: “Oversee the work required for the preparation and publication of official Mexican standards regulating the environmental aspects of mobile sources under federal jurisdiction, in order to prevent, reduce and control their negative impacts on the environment.” “

What requirements must be met for the vacancy?

requirements that must be met Competition for the position of Deputy Director of Regulations-Air Mobile SourcesHave to study at the undergraduate level with a university degree in any of the following careers: chemistry, ecology, administration, ecology, engineering and/or mathematics.

Also, you must Have at least 4 years experience In: environmental engineering and technology, industrial organization, government policies, environmental economics and natural resources, general economics, public administration, mechanics and/or environmental and analytical chemistry.

Applicant should have 4 years experience in various fields. , photo pixabay

What tasks should be performed by the Deputy Director of Regulation-Air Mobile Sources?

among tasks to be completed Stand out:

  • To formulate proposals in the design of environmental norms and guidelines for control and abatement of atmospheric pollution.
  • Recommend amendments to draft Official Mexican Standards received from working groups.
  • Evaluate the information that will integrate a preliminary draft of official Mexican standards in terms of pollution prevention and control by mobile sources,

When is the last date to apply for the vacancy?

If it is of interest to you to run for the position Deputy Director of Semarnati-Regulations-Air Mobile Sourceyou have to apply before 28 september in the portal,

Remember to have the following information on hand: Email, CURP, RFC, If you do this for the first time, you will also need to create a username and password to login to the portal.

For those interested who want more details, The call publishes the following email: [email protected],

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