Here is Chamba! Segob offers a vacancy with a salary of 83 thousand pesos per month


Through the Official Gazette of the Union, the Ministry of the Interior launchedCall to apply for the post of Labor Director, will provide job opportunity Professional Services in Mexico City,

According to the post, The monthly gross pay for the post will be 83,789 pesos (Eighty-three thousand seven hundred eighty-nine pesos00/100 mn). The post will be assigned to the controversial General Directorate,

What requirements must be met for the vacancy?

requirements that must be met Apply for the post of Labor Directorhave to count Bachelor’s degree in law career and with study at university degree, you should also have Minimum 4 years experience In: National Law and Legislation and Public Administration.

What tasks should the director of labor perform?

among tasks to be completed Stand out:

  • Establish and coordinate the implementation of strategies defined by the General Directorate of Litigation, to guarantee the labor legal defense of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Define the mechanisms relating to the management of resources, appeals and formalities in labor matters, to ensure that they are presented in a timely manner before the relevant instances.
  • Establishment of strategies related to the process of intervention in labor trials of the Ministry of the Interior, to ensure attention at the various stages of testing that allow defense interests of the secretariat,
The post will be assigned to the Directorate General of Litigation. , Photo: Pixabay

When is the last date to apply for the vacancy?

If it is of interest to you to run for the position, Segob. General Directorate of Litigation inyou have to apply before 4 october in the portal,

Remember to have the following data on hand: email, CURP, RFC. If you do this for the first time, you will also need to create a username and password to login to the portal.

For those interested who want more details, The call publishes the following email, [email protected],

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