Hearing Health: Recommendations for Ear Care


Ears are a very important and sensitive part of the human body. Being able to hear well is essential for a better quality of life. Without our healthy listening habits, very serious and even irreversible problems can arise, in some cases it can be partially or completely lost. For this reason, ear care is presented as essential on a day-to-day basis.

To help us try and learn a little more about the ideal care for our hearing, Peruvian speech therapist Patricia Casquero leaves some important recommendations that we should put into practice.

1.- Avoid loud noises. For better ear care, it is important to avoid exposure to loud noise sources. For example, some everyday objects such as headphones, speakers or speakers can be very harmful and can also damage hearing if their volume is too high.

2.- Go to the doctor for any problem or problem. If your ears hurt or you feel any discomfort, avoid self-medication, it is better to go to a professional. Even the act of applying a few drops without a prescription can be very harmful to your hearing health.

3.- Do not put any object in the ears. If it is not made for cleaning or caring for the ears, it is best to move it away from the ear canal to avoid any potential damage.

Phonoradiologist Patricia Casquero.

4.- Do not use hearing aid and amplifier without doctor’s advice. Many people with low hearing loss are looking to buy or purchase a hearing aid on the Internet that solves their problem, not knowing that it can be a serious problem if the device they choose is not the right one.

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