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With the aim of debating and analyzing the development of telecommunications infrastructure, this September 13, the third virtual forum of Peru Conectado “Trujillo Conectado: Proposals for Digitization for the Future” will be held.

The discussion will be attended by Sebastian M. Cabello, an expert on digital public policies and CEO of SMC+, as well as Virginia Nakagawa, Senior Partner at Nakagawa Regulatory Consultants (SAC).

Similarly, the event, which will be moderated by Maite Vizcarra, will see the presence of Carlos Huaman, a founding partner and digital economist at DN Consultants with over 30 years of professional experience.

It’s September 27th at 11:30 am. Join the live broadcast of the 3rd Peru Conectado Forum via the digital platforms of Me, Las Repubblica and LR+, and learn more about the topic.

It should be noted that the virtual forum will be enabled for any candidate for provincial mayor who wishes to speak about the benefits and advances that the use of technologies can provide for citizens.

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