He tried to dedicate himself to selling drugs and the police caught him on his first day.


A man wanted to overcome his financial problems and entered the drug trafficking business to pay off his cocaine use debt. Although the police caught him on the first day, His foray into the organized crime business was not fruitful, but the courts took his record into account when determining punishment for the crime. Now he has to pay back by working for the city without pay.

Rudy Young, 35, is a licensed junk dealer, according to local media, but turned to drugs after a breakup in their 16-year marriage. Cocaine was the preferred consumption. Slowly, his finances and debts lead him to make a bad decision: drug dealing.

On his first day of selling them, on January 20, 2021, Rudy was arrested by Blackpool Police, in Lancashire (England), Officers saw how a car stopped in the middle of a street and later a man approached the window. The suspicious behavior alerted the police officers, who stopped the vehicle.

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During a search of the car, officers found white powder in a zip-lock bag, two mobile phones and 450 pounds of cash, about $550. The accused was arrested and brought before the authorities.

Claire Larton, a prosecutor at Preston Crown Court, said one of the phones contained messages related to drug-dealing activity.

Rudy had no conviction history and only had two civilian citations. The person confessed to the offense of possession with intent to sell drugs. However, he avoided prison time and instead received a two-year sentence with a two-year suspension, i.e., an annulled prison term, for which he was given 150 hours of unpaid work.

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“You’re clearly a resourceful person because you’ve established your own business as a licensed scrap dealer. You’re in a relationship and you want to do good in the world,” Judge Simon Medland told him.

The magistrate admitted that the person started consuming intoxicating and costly substances. Unable to pay them and trapped in a vicious cycle, their chance was “contacting criminals who want you to do their job”.

“I’m sure you agree with my message that Class A drugs destroy people’s lives. They destroy people’s health and well-being, they destroy people’s social stability, all the things they did.” with you,” he said.

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