“He Just Can’t”: 3 Reasons Why William Doesn’t Forgive His Brother Harry


Although reunited after the death of the royal family Queen Isabel II, Experts indicate that it is unlikely that the prince William forgive your brother To troubleAccording to Katie Nicholl, author of the book The New Royals – Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown, which has examined members of the dynasty.

“William just can’t forgive [Harry]Not only because of his behavior and what he has done and how he has done it, but also because of how dependent he is on himself now,” said the British Crown expert in an interview, who listed some of the possible reasons for the displeasure of the brothers. Of.

William believed that Harry would be his companion

Princess Diana’s children and now King Charles III, they always had a great relationship and they were very close, so William considered his brother as his companion During the process where they both rose in the hierarchy, however, that all changed when Harry married Meghan Markle and decided to resign as a member of royalty to move to the United States with his family.

Have separated from the princes Photo: Special

According to the royal family expert, although the reconciliation apparently took place during the emperor’s funeral, who died at the age of 96, prince of wales Now he has only wife’s support Kate Middleton, With which Meghan reportedly had a disagreement.

Queen Elizabeth II ‘hurt’ by Harry’s resignation

Nicole also stated that according to some sources, The Queen was left “wounded and exhausted”. for the decision of Harry and Meghan of resign as members main of royal family and To move to the United States, to the extent that he didn’t like to think about the decision he barely made early last year.

“The queen was also disappointed When Harry and Meghan didn’t return to Britain in August Archie and Lillibet where I was organizing Annual sleepover with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren at Sandringham”He resumed in a Daily Mail article, in which he also pointed out that Elizabeth II wanted to be with the children of the Duke of Sussex,

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex step down from the Royal Family Photo: EXCLUSIVE

Controversial Interview with Oprah Winfrey

Relations between the royal family were further broken when Harry and Meghan American journalist offered a controversial interview Oprah Winfrey, In which she made a statement against Dynasty, accusing her of making racist remarks towards Markle while pregnant with their first child, and claiming that the family failed to help her when she committed suicide.

“Prince William Only Can’t forgive Prince Harry for his behavior, (…) He always thought his brother would be his wingman,” he told the media amid speculation about what would be the fate of Carlos III’s children, now that they have taken the British Crown.

Meghan and Harry gave an interview that made Taj uncomfortable Photo: Exclusive

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