Has your child tested positive for Covid-19? Follow these measures for better health, immunity


What COVID-19 cases continue to rise, people are always worried about their health and immunity. While children remained the least affected during the first two waves, an increasing number of children become infected with the virus in the third wave.

Manage COVID-19 in children, the Ministry of Health also published guidelines last month. However, if your child is currently well enough to be cared for at home, here are some steps you can take to ensure her good health and immunity, as suggested by Ayurvedic expert Dr. Nitika Kohli.

“The good news is that most people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms and recover on their own. Resting, staying hydrated, and sleeping is often helpful,” she said. Have a look.

Follow these measures if your child has tested positive for Covid-19.

nutritious diet

The expert suggested “giving your child a light homemade diet and keep them well hydrated.”

warm sponge

During Covid-19, your child is more likely to have a fever. In such cases, you can do lukewarm sponging.

Good hygiene

Ensuring good hygiene is essential for a healthy body. Therefore, follow good hygiene practices such as regular hand washing with soap.

Keep an oximeter handy

Temperature and oxygen saturation can fluctuate during Covid-19 and therefore you should have an oximeter handy. Be sure to record temperature and oxygen saturation with a home pulse oximeterevery six hours.

isolate your child

It is absolutely necessary to isolate your child in case of Covid-19 infection.

wear mask

Dr. Kohli said: “You and your child should wear a surgical mask and change it after eight hours of continuous use.”

Protection measures

You should strictly adhere to personal protection measures for yourself and your child, he suggested.

consult a doctor

It is recommended to consult a doctor before giving any medicine to your child.

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