Gustavo Petro announces that Jose Antonio Ocampo will be his finance minister


presidential election Gustavo Petro confirmed Jose Antonio Ocampo as his finance minister.

“Jose Antonio Ocampo will be our finance minister. Build a productive economy and an economy for life,” Petro told Twitter.

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Before confirmation, well-known sources assure EL TIEMPO That Petro asked its new minister two things: complete the development plan and tax reform before December.

He is a great finance minister, undoubtedly Colombia’s most famous economist.

The current Finance Minister, Jose Manuel Restrepo, highlighted Ocampo’s appointment.

“He is a great finance minister, undoubtedly the most famous economist in Colombia. A man who has experience in this field, who knows the details of finance and the public debt sector, and who has great international recognition in the United States. I think it’s a very good designation and again, as I personally expressed it to him, all is interested that this segmentation process be transparent‘ Restrepo told EL TIEMPO.

Senator-elect and former chief peace negotiator, Humberto de la Calle, also celebrated the appointment: “The appointment of Jose Antonio Ocampo as Finance Minister is good news. Timely and right. Enough for this moment of social crisis and conservative Progressive. Don’t do crazy things”

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This has been the career of Jose Antonio Ocampo

The economist at the University of Notre Dame (United States) and who earned his doctorate in economics and political science from Yale University in 1976, is already leading the junction delegation with the outgoing government in the Treasury portfolio.

Ocampo, who is currently a professor at Columbia University, is 69 years old and one of Colombia’s best-known economists.

He is a co-author of books with Nobel laureate in economics Jos Stiglitz and He has advocated a more “active” use of the exchange rate and defended the tax on exports of basic products.

The position is not foreign to him since he already held it in 1994 during the government of Ernesto Samper. Ocampo received the portfolio of Guillermo Perri and was also the Minister of Agriculture and Head of the Department of National Planning.

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Economist, hot. He received his PhD in economics from Yale University in December 1976.


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He most recently served as co-director of Banco de la Repubblica.

The economist has a progressive liberal position which he made notable when he served as executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC).
He was the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs until mid-2007, from where he directed and chaired the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), based at the world body’s headquarters in New York. United Nations Committee on Economic and Social Affairs.


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