Gurgaon woman’s body trapped for 40 hours, 18-storey block at risk of collapsing


NDRF and SDRF teams are carrying out the rescue work. (Archive)


Panic gripped residents of the partially collapsed apartment building in Gurugram on Saturday as debris fell amid efforts to recover the body of a woman trapped underneath for more than 40 hours.

It soon gave way to anger as residents closed the doors of the society and staged protests, demanding a CBI investigation into the incident.

Rescuers are carefully making their way through the rubble to avoid damaging key support pillars of the 18-storey apartment block, authorities said, as anxious family members and residents of Chintels Paradiso in Gurugram sector 109 counted hours since Thursday night when the dining room floor of a sixth-floor apartment collapsed, killing two women.

While Ekta Bhardwaj died on Thursday, the body of Sunita Shrivastava has been trapped under the rubble for more than 40 hours and counting.

“Damage to any of the pillars could lead to the collapse of the tower. Therefore, the cutting and debris removal work is being done with care,” a senior official said.

Teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) are carrying out the rescue work.

Sunita Srivastava’s husband, AK Shrivastava, an IRS official and managing director of Central Warehousing Corporation, suffered serious injuries and was only able to be rescued from the rubble after 16 hours of efforts by the NDRF team on Friday.

Police filed an FIR at Bajghera police station against the managing director of real estate company Chintels India on charges of causing wrongful death, Gurugram Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepak Saharan said.

The Gurugram district administration also instituted an investigation into the collapse of the hall ceilings of the floors one below the other.

In high spirits, Gurugram MP and Union Minister Rao Inderjeet Singh, who was due to go to Chintel Paradiso on Saturday, canceled his visit. A spokesman for the minister said administration officials advised them not to make the visit.

“We were about to arrive when we received calls from officials saying the matter was being politicized and my visit to the society was not safe, so I aborted the visit,” Singh said in a statement.

Protesting residents said when they heard the crash of debris, they thought another floor had collapsed.

“We, the residents, want strict action and justice that is only possible when an independent agency like the CBI investigates the case. It is shocking that the police, in their FIR, treat it as an accident when it was a murder.” waiting,” said Rakesh Kumar, one of the residents.

The district planner, RS Bhatt, visited the site and promised to take action against officials who made mistakes. He said a plan is being drawn up to ensure that no such incidents occur in the future.

Congress leader Ajay Yadav met with residents and pledged his support for their cause.

Chintels India Managing Director Prashant Solomon said in a tweet: “This is an extremely unfortunate incident and we have taken it very seriously as the safety of our residents is our highest concern. Following preliminary investigations we have come to know that the mishap occurred during renovation work by a contractor that a resident is carrying out in his apartment.” According to him, the company had carried out a structural audit last year following complaints about the project.

“We will initiate a second structural audit as soon as possible. In the event that defects are found in the structure, we will appropriately compensate affected purchasers or accommodate affected residents in alternative arrangements while necessary repair work is completed,” Solomon said.

He also said that the company is fully cooperating with the authorities and ensuring full support.

Meanwhile, 34 families in the affected tower are staying with fellow socialites, friends and relatives as the floors become uninhabitable.


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