Graphene Tattoos, Revolutionary Method to Control Blood Pressure


there’s something in that graphene amazing qualities, it’s nothing new. The first two-dimensional materials created by man have revolutionized the medical and pharmaceutical fields, the world of nanorobotics, telecommunications, and powerful industries like chips. graphene One of the most popular supermaterials on the planet, but also one of the most unknown. Now, a team of University of Texas researchers studying the properties of this miraculous material has discovered a method that could change the lives of many people: a temporary electronic tattoo capable of monitoring blood pressure. main component? graphene.

They have been called e-tattoos, and are basically temporary tattoos made of graphene that are capable of monitoring blood pressure for days. What would be a lifelong blood pressure monitor but permanent and integrated into our own bodies in tattoo form.

“Blood pressure is the single most important vital sign we can measure, but the methods of doing this outside of the clinic are very limited”, commented Deji Akinwande, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas and one of the people responsible for the project. E-tattoos will allow to have more complete and constant control over stress.

How does e-tattoo work?


University of Texas

If high blood pressure is left untreated, it can lead to serious heart disease. Blood pressure is difficult to control, as it is usually measured at specific times. But, what if a blood pressure monitor is integrated into our body? We will probably survive more than one fear. That’s exactly the purpose of e-tattoos

as described in the article Continuous cuffless monitoring of arterial blood pressure via graphene bioimpedance tattoo Posted in magazine NatureGraphene temporary tattoos consist of approximately 12 invisible graphene strips placed in two rows along the two main arteries of the forearm. The outermost bandages send tiny electrical signals to the inside of the hand, while the innermost bandages detect changes in blood flow.

The tattoo features an integrated sensor that the authors describe as “light and discreet.” “You hold it and you don’t even see it”, he remarks. The device delivers a small electric current to measure pressure and then analyzes the body’s response, known as bioimpedance The researchers built a machine learning model to analyze the connections and obtain accurate voltage readings.

The effectiveness of the invention was demonstrated in an experiment conducted on 6 people. Continuous monitoring of e-tattoos allows you to measure blood pressure in all kinds of situations: in times of high stress, at bedtime, while exercising, etc.

high accuracy

A health worker checks a patient's blood pressure

E-tattoo is able to monitor pressure with very high precision.

Health monitoring through personal electronic devices is nothing new. Smart watches have been calculating heart rate or sleep quality for years through metal sensors based on LED light sources shining through the skin.

Major smartwatches aren’t ready for blood pressure monitoring yet, though, because they aren’t fixed, and slipping around the wrist makes it difficult to give accurate readings. One problem we don’t find in e-tattoos is because of the properties of graphene and the ability to monitor pressure with very high precision because of the size of the tattoo.

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