Government will ban smoking in school environments, terraces and public transport stops


Updated: 09.23.2022 10:46 AM.

generally ban smoking in School environment, on rooftops and at bus stops public transport, It is announced by consultant of Health, Joseph Maria Argimon, who explained that the regional executive is “preparing a regulation that makes spaces free of smoke”.

To encourage people to quit smoking, the regional executive will offer free nicotine substitutes to those earning less than 18,000 euros, he explained.

an incentive to quit smoking

consultant He explained that the law is intended to create “smoke-free spaces” for cities, which, in turn, would encourage many people to quit smoking. In fact, from the Ministry of Health offer free nicotine replacement for low income people €18,000, According to their calculations, some 600,000 people are on this threshold.

Although it still has to go through its parliamentary process, Argimon hopes that the parties will extend their support to “measures that benefit the health of citizens”. “I am sure there will be a high level of consensus. We must take bold steps to reduce tobacco consumption,” he said in the statement. Mon to Rac1,

cause of premature death

Similarly, he recalled that this is not a new rule, as there are other autonomous communities that already prohibit smoking in some public places. It should be remembered that, during the pandemic, authorities banned smoking on the terraces of bars and restaurants to avoid contagion, although the counselor believes this should go beyond COVID.

“Smoke turns those who get it into passive smokers”, he lamented, and recalled that Tobacco “The most important cause of premature death” isIn Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

Will smoking be banned in the car?

On the other hand, consultant argemone Also in favor of banning tobacco inside vehicles, because it warns that there are some risks. For example, getting distracted behind the wheel, having an accident or throwing a cigarette butt out the window and setting a fire, especially in the summer.

However, “it is not the responsibility of the Generalitat”, so no regulation is currently planned in this regard.

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