Government study is giving advice on saving in electricity bill


government study for improvement transparency Of electricity bills To explain to the consumer what is The real impact of measures such as the ‘Iberian exception’ and enter consumption information Recommendations and messages to save, This is one of the planned measures add to contingency plan that the executive is designing to reduce the impact of the war in Ukraine, as moved this Wednesday by the Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Theresa Riveraand consumption minister, alberto garzonFeather consumer organization.

“They’re looking for a Formula For improve transparency and enter savings related information on invoice recommendations For reduce consumption of each invoice”, explains the spokesperson for the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), henry garciaPresent at the meeting, in which the executive has outlined the main axis of the plan and some of the measures. document, which is still it is not closed But it’s so advanced, it won’t be written in stone, but it will take “some follow-up” to be able to evaluate its operation, according to Garcia.

Thus, in one of section, which refers ‘Savings’government plan edit invoice what consumers get at the end of the month introduce two requests loved ones made consumer organization, On the one hand, “feature or channel” practical things from the point of view of Daily In houses Permission reduce consumptionreduce payment of energy and protect consumers The weakest”, as Ribera himself was quoted in statements to the media at the end of the meeting. and for other give them more reliable information About the final price they pay and what they will pay without government intervention.

Main issuewho have criticized such associations OCU or Facuathat the invoice includes gas cap compensation (the difference between actual price companies pay for this raw material and 40 euro per megawatt-hour that the government has set as the maximum), but they do not say how much does the consumer save at the end of the month for tax cutWere Reduction in tolls and fees or by myself gas price cap, Including electricity market value.

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“(the price of the invoice) is from afar of that price we were paying In Absence of the measures adopted by the government (between 20% and 30%according to their figures) and yet method in which it appears to be reflected, it indicates that because of the government price rises of energy”, Ribera has defended.

Both issues can be included in the invoice of both. regulated market as in them free marketAccording to Garcia. In the case of a regulated market, the government decides: invoice designwhich is the same for all marketers, whereas in the case of the free market it is “a .” can install Mandatory Minimum MaterialHe said power companies would be bound to include.

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