Google Play Store: Find out two new apps stealing your banking information


but a new threat has arrived users Of Device mobile with Android. is about Two application detected early morning within today Google Play Store. What is worrying about this situation is that malware is kind of banking And once it infects the cell phone it can drain the account. according to security experts ThreatFabric, These apps they pose as scouts record “apparently safe”. However, they end up being a dropper. this is a trojan virus type which has been made For install some kind of malware, ransomware, adware, among others, in one system or device, usually mobile.

The company, which specializes in cyber security, shared the information through its Twitter account to warn users. Photo: ThreatFabric Twitter

these are apps

have infected apps “File Manager” and “File Manager Ice”, they take with them Octo Dropper and Sharkbot Dropper what are they malware who managed to get in Google Play. The number of downloads is alarming from this day onwards ThreatFabric, landed on 20 thousand mobile teams Different. It is undetectable since the dropper is not included in the virus type malware in it within, but they have the code Responsible for receiving and executing the virus. The point of this malware is that once Established, it asked install One Update. Once the permit is granted, Banking Malware.

company researchers specializing in Cyber ​​security He insisted that both october what sharkboat there are two types malware For this very well known reason, they share in a timely manner what each does:

In the case of sharkbot, analyze the code of Country Of SIM card introduced in Device Of the victim, and only attacks if it matches Italy or UK. If yes, you can Bank Credentials Stolen of User name or blocking original message with codes of the inspection of one use only.

Google has already been warned

company threatfabric has already sent the relevant notice to Google to be able to proceed to delete applications with malware Banking. Thus, users can be sure that within the catalog play store They won’t get another surprise in between. What this particular cyber security company recommends in case you have one of these apps installed:

  1. Uninstall them immediately.
  2. Change access codes of your bank unit or institutions.
  3. Through prevention, you can change the keys of other applications, although it is not absolutely necessary.

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