Google announces the definitive exit of its instant messaging service, Hangouts


Over time, the technology giant Google has managed to consolidate its services among Internet users. Among its best-known platforms are Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Photos and others. Although most of these applications have been successful, The company has just announced that one of its most successful services will go down in history. from November.

Although Google. stopped updating Hangouts Since 2017 and it was already known that it would be discontinued, the truth is that internet users have continued to use the app to this day.

If you are one of those users who are convinced that they continue to use Hangouts on a daily basis, then you have to say goodbye to this platform forever. After several twists, rumors and unfinished statements, it looks like Google is planning to shut it down next November, as it discontinued its version for Workspace in February.

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Everything indicates that Google will be betting on revamping its Google Chat application, which has communication software developed by the company and offers direct messaging and group chat rooms.

For many, the announcement has been very sad news, as they have grown fond of the service’s interface. Unfortunately, everything indicates that Google has already begun the process of migrating users from Hangouts to its personal and free version of Google Chat.

Clearly, Google has fallen victim to competition from other messaging services like WhatsApp or Telegram, and will eliminate Hangouts, which have achieved over 5,000 million downloads in total.

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