Google already allows control of what personal data shows up in searches easily


few months ago Google Announced the arrival of a series of noveltyLike Maps, Android 13, Pixel 6a and . fascinating view of A tool that will optimize the removal of personal information collecting results user identifiable, In that sense, as reported by 9to5Google technology portal, this functionality is already operational in some countries of the world.

There are already thousands of users who have access to the section called “”.results about you”, from the Google Profile menu. This feature redirects you to a website that teaches you how to request the removal of your data from the company’s search results.

If you find information related to you in the browser, you will be allowed to click on a button located in the upper right corner. that side The “About this result” panel will pop upWhich will give you the possibility to eliminate any kind of content that you find inappropriate.

When the process is complete, it will be possible to monitor the elimination of consequences where your sensitive data appears.

Google will ask you too why do you want to delete the result And among the possible answers you can find these:

  • Show my personal contact information.
  • Show me my information with no intention of harming me.
  • Show other personal data.
  • Contains invalid information.
  • It’s old.

The device has already reached the European and US regions, but it will still take time for its deployment to reach the rest of the world. Furthermore, the company has specified that although the result will disappear from the search, it may remain on the network.

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