Gonzalo Alegría will not withdraw from the electoral campaign despite complaints of violence


Keep on running. Gonzalo Alegría, candidate of Together for Peru to the Municipality of Lima, assured that he will continue with his campaign in the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections. This, after the Nativa web portal spread a complaint about an alleged act of violence against your child in 2021.

During an interview on channel N, Alegría Varona again denied the complaints made for psychological and sexual damageas well as the mistreatment he would have had towards two domestic workers between 2017 and 2018, as recorded in police reports.

“Here the thing is very clear, They collect a false statement and then say that it comes from a complaint that was filed. That complaint was because I did not want to open a campaign site for my son, ”she said. Next, when asked if these complaints could cause him to withdraw from the elections, he said: “I’m not going to retire at all”.

At another time, the also son of the renowned writer Ciro Alegría mentioned that he is rising in the polls despite to the police complaints of violence registered at the Orrantia police station, in San Isidro.

For three weeks I’ve been rising in the polls telling the truth, that’s why I’m third. You (the press) they have taken a petty family problem and elevated it to a violation. The saddest thing is that (the complaints) have been invented,” said the economist.

In that sense, Gonzalo Joy presented a document and showed some alleged apology made by his son saying that “he was manipulated by his mother”. “My son has psychological problems. I reached an agreement with my son when he apologized to me to delete that because it was manipulated”, he added.

For the candidate for mayor of Lima, the complaints would be “an attempt by the media to ridicule him”. Similarly, he again denied that there is a history of violence despite the statements made by his son’s lawyer, Brenda Álvarez Álvarez.

They are trying to confuse people by saying that there is a complaint for sexual violence and abuse, that is not there. The other thing is ridiculous because he says that I violated him because he didn’t want to give him a campaign site (…). My son does a media show because he is from Vox, from the Spanish extreme right ”, he asserted.

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