Gonzalo Alegría: The Ombudsman’s Office asks to avoid re-victimization of the candidate’s son


After being revealed More information on the case of alleged psychological and sexual violence that was allegedly committed by Gonzalo Alegría against his own son, the Ombudsman issued a statement in which it asks people in general and the media to be more careful when dealing with this situation publicly.

“(The Ombudsman) calls on citizens to fully respect, in dealing with the case, the rights of the victim to their identity and image and not to re-victimize them. In this sense, it is invoked, once again, to avoid exposing information or sharing speeches that harm the fundamental rights and dignity of the victim”, can be read in the text.

Secondly, From the autonomous body it has been ensured that the supervision of the investigations that have arisen around this case will continue, as the criminal complaint filed on March 31, 2021 against the candidate of Together for Peru to the mayor of Lima. Because of this position, they asked the Public Ministry to have access to the fiscal file of the case. The reason? Verify the existence or not of any irregularity that could have occurred during the investigation process.

With this, it aims to know exactly how the different accusations against Gonzalo Alegría were treated and the reason for the judicial decisions on them.

Son of Gonzalo Alegría ratifies accusations against candidate

This Friday, September 23, the son of Gonzalo Alegría gave a statement before the authorities of Spain, the country in which he is residing, and reaffirmed the veracity of the facts denounced in 2021. These statements were later presented to the Ombudsman’s Office, which took the testimony into consideration.

In other aspects, the complainant ruled out that the chats in which he allegedly apologized to the candidate Alegría are true, and that they would have been made from a deactivated account several years ago. That is, it indicates that Gonzalo Joy he would have lied at the time of his defense.

“Two days ago my father made public some alleged Facebook messages of mine in which I apologize. (…) All those messages are totally false because I have not written any type of message, that Facebook account is in disuse for more than a year, even before I left the home where I lived with him in Peru, ”said the victim in the program hosted by Juliana Oxenford.

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