Gonzalo Alegría reported the disappearance of his son, but the PNP located him and the lawyer reported mistreatment


The name of Gonzalo Alegría, candidate for the Municipality of Lima in the 2022 Regional and Municipal ElectionsIt would not only appear in the complaint for violence against his son, broadcast by the Nativa channel last Tuesday. There are two other police complaints to which The Republic agreed. In them, the economist appears as accused of aggression, whose victim would not only be his son.

Yes ok the complaint for violence filed by the son of Gonzalo Alegríain the Orrantia police station, in San Isidro, became relevant after the journalistic report, this was not the first time it came to light.

On April 1, 2021, Gonzalo Alegría Varona, 59, went to Depincri de Surco to report the disappearance of his son. The police occurrence indicates thathe then 21-year-old had disappeared on March 29.

“Having not returned to date, despite having undergone surgery and taking medication,” reads the document. This fact coincides with the state of health of the young that is mentioned in the report of the Nativa channel.

Having the boy’s whereabouts in a building in Surco, Alegría Varona was unable to locate it after the concierge informed her that there was an error and the young man was not there.

Police report shows that Gonzalo Alegría reported the disappearance of his son in April 2021. Photo: document

After contacting two more friends of the young man and without knowing his whereabouts, the police agent went to the building for the proper corroboration and the PNP personnel received a phone call from attorney Brenda Álvarez Álvarez.

Gonzalo Alegría was also reported for theft in 2020. Photo: document

The complaint in Orrantia

The lawyer emphasized that Alegría’s son was in good health and assured “that he was being a victim of physical and psychological abuse by his father, which can be corroborated with the complaint filed with the Orrantia police station, where the complaint is filed.”

The police agent, according to the record, did not see the son of Gonzalo Joybut he did receive a voice message in which he states that he denies his disappearance and that his retirement is for family reasons.

In addition, the lawyer asserted that protection measures had been requested in favor of her client, who had opted for the forced removal of his home.

Gonzalo Alegría was denounced by workers

Gonzalo Joy was reported for having assaulted two domestic workers, initials GOA (76) and GDOG (51)according to the first police document. The event would have been recorded in the house of the professor’s wife, in block 4 of Pieyto Torrigiano street, in San Borja.

Both women stated that they work for Alegría’s spouse, Doris Teodori De la Puente. “He physically assaulted the complainant, pushing her against the door and hitting her on the head”, reads the statement.

The another complainant also claimed to have been verbally assaulted and snatched her cell phoneaccording to the document. The violent scene would have originated after Alegría accused them “of having attacked her son.” The candidate denied the accusations before the Police.

Gonzalo Alegría also attacked two domestic workers in 2017 and 2018. Photo: document

Gonzalo Alegría also attacked two domestic workers in 2017 and 2018. Photo: document

keep silent

We tried to contact Brenda Álvarez, but the calls were not answered. Gonzalo Alegría announced that he would give a conference this Wednesday afternoonto answer the questions against him beforehand. Nevertheless, has not spoken.

Report of complaints against Gonzalo Alegría. Photo: document

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