Give new life to tired eyes, with 2 natural ingredients


tired eyes Wave’s baggy eyes, are defined as a depression that occurs under the lower eyelids of the eyes and appears as a dark complexion, which is shocking to those who see them and not so much to those who wear them. Feeling uncomfortable with these brands, we can resort to various beauty techniques not with makeup, but also with natural ingredients, like Aloe Vera and turmeric.

experts confirm that baggy eyes They can occur as part of genetic inheritance, hormonal changes, stress, age and, most commonly, lack of rest. In such a situation, if the beauty of your face is threatened by this color, then it is possible that we need to rest properly and take the help of some special home tricks.

It is that even though we can sleep for up to 8 hours, it is essential to know the origin of this pigmentation and directly counter its effects. eyes tired, So, first of all, we will be able to modify a poor diet and thus we will have to drink more water and not abuse salty foods, alcohol or caffeine, as they will also generate points.

We know that the skin around the eyes is very thin, so it sometimes allows the capillaries to see against the light, giving the area a bluish tint (in other cases it may turn black or turn yellow). Is). When a person is tired, the pigmentation gains strength as it obstructs circulation and swells up the veins. to do this, Aloe you will see And turmeric will be necessary.

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Consequently, if we want eyes tired Disappearing, we’ll need a spoonful of gel Aloe Vera, a tablespoon of turmeric, a vitamin E capsule and a container for stirring the mixture. We will mix all the ingredients, we will refrigerate for 5 minutes and then apply on baggy eyes, Once this is done, we will let it rest for 10 minutes and finally wash it off with cold water.

Photo: Pexels

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