Giovanni Ciccia praised for dramatic scene in ‘There’s Room’: ‘Oscar-worthy’


giovanni sisia and Franco Penano. The protagonists of a shocking scene in the new season of “There is space in the background”, In Chapter 64 of the America TV series, Diego Montalvan discovered that his son Cristóbal did not really know how to cook and was very disappointed, as he was expected to take over the administration of his restaurant. The Peruvian actor stunned the audience with his characterization and garnered thousands of accolades.

Via social networks such as Twitter and TikTok, various users also expressed their admiration for the film director. This drawing has had such an effect that many people have come to believe that it is the highest peak till date. AFHS 2022,

“There’s Room in the Background” aired one of its most dramatic episodes tonight and delivered a strong scene between Diego Montalbán and Cristóbal that moved fans. Photo: Rachna/America TV

,giovanni sisia He’s a great actor”, “Giovanni Scia holding ‘There’s room in the background’. Today was a movie”, “Best episode of the entire season. It’s good that they re-inducted Giovanni Ciccia”, “Great acting class given by Giovanni Ciccia”, “Diego’s agony at the sight of his son deserves an Oscar… Giovanni Ciccia is a capo”, “What a good chapter today. Giovanni Sicia’s expression and Cristobal’s frightened face when Diego approached him to kill him, I stopped”, were some of the comments.

Fans of “There is room in the background” praise Giovanni Scia. Photo: Twitter

What happened in Giovanni Siscia’s acclaimed scene in “In the Background There Is Room”?

Diego Montalvena, the character played by Giovanni Sicia, becomes furious, throws himself at his son and finally cries helplessly when he learns he has no cooking skills. In the face of this stressful situation, Christopher Montalvani He is comforted by his sister, Alessia, and his aunt Macarena.

Giovanni Ciccia wants Sergio Galliani to “have room in the background”

In an interview for Infobae portal, Giovanni Sicia said he would love to materialize “there is room in the background” for the return of Sergio Galliani.Because he believes it will serve to show the public the great scenes between his characters.

“I’m working with Sergio (Galiani), with our band Chaballos, and we already have concerts until the end of the year. I continue to work with him, but I’m in the series for Miguel Ignacio Would love to come back because we can do some dirty tricks together,” he mentioned.

Giovanni Ciccia and Sergio Galliani have been friends for more than 20 years. Photo: Instagram/Giovanni Sicia/A room captured in the background

What did Giovanni Sicia say about the scene in “The Room in the Background”?

Actor talks about intense battle recorded in fiction with his son frank penano, The chancellor of Moltlavn confirmed that he had to go through an intense work process to achieve the scene.

,Recorded many days, those have been very tough weeks of recording, lots of anger, lots of anger, crying, fighting and lots of screaming, I’m a little stressed this week. (…) The following chapters are very intense. (…) With Franco we were nervous because we knew there were long scenes with lots of text, very intense”, he said.

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Giovanni Ciccia causes uproar in social networks

explanation of giovanni sisia and his son in imagination, frank penanoHas generated a mix of emotions among netizens, who quickly created several memes praising her performance.

Users react to Giovanni Siscia’s performance in “In the Background There’s a Place”. Photo: Twitter

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Giovanni Ciccia admires Karina Calmet and Mari Pili Barreda. has done

The 51-year-old actor has wowed the entire audience with his performance in Chapter 64 of “AFHS”. Along these lines, the actress Karina Calmette, a former cast member, doesn’t hesitate to comment on the dramatic scene. through their social networks.

“What a scene of Giovanni Siccia in AFHS! Pause, inflection, pause, silence … nothing was missing or left. Also, very well supported by the whole team”, wrote the remembered Isabella Maldini Picasso.

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