GfK DAM May 2022: 20minutos increases its audience and revalidates its position as the most read newspaper on the internet in Spain in May


20 minutes In May, it was once again the most read newspaper in Spain on the internet, revalidating the first position achieved in April, as confirmed by the monthly report of GfK DAMthe new official meter for digital audiences in Spain.

Once again, the newspaper stands out from the competition thanks to exponential growth since the beginning of this year, which in May resulted in a total of 14,755,475 readers on all its devices, 1.5 million more than in April and almost 3 million more than in March. This increase in unique users, which has coincided with the redesign of the website launched just two months ago, places 20 minutes above all the competition, surpassing The countrywhich is in second position with 12,347,822 readers already The worldthird in the comparison of means of the data reported by GfK DAMwith 11,710,953.

The rest of the digital editions that make up the top 10 general media outlets with the most audience during the month of May are The vanguard, ABC, The confidential, The Spanish, The newspaper, okdaily Y

20 minutes It also remains in first place in terms of average daily audience, consolidating the position it already reached in April. In May, the ‘online’ version of the newspaper reached a daily average of 2,469,780 readerswhich represents a growth of almost 40% compared to the 1,787,665 users it had in April and 89% since January. In this way, it surpasses again The countrywhich had an average daily audience of 1,622,839 readers already The worldwith 1,530,119.

Chart of average daily audience of general newspapers in the month of May, led by 20minutos
Peter’s Hayfield

The newspaper thus reissues its position as main journalistic reference in the country. Among the information that has aroused the most interest among readers, during the past month those of current affairs, last minute, television, cinema and sports, as well as local news and those closest to the citizen stand out. Some of the coverages with the greatest following in May were those of the ukrainian war and national political news, in which the daily news has been combined with analysis and interviews with specialists and protagonists such as the new leader of the opposition, Alberto Nunez Feijoo; the new president of the PP of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusoor the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop. The DYM surveys made for 20 minutesespecially those about intention to vote, have also appeared as one of the most viewed contents.

Economic issues have also received special attention, especially all those related to the energy crisis, the Iberian exception and the gas cap, and pensions. Readers have also been very interested in health news and have expressed concern about the appearance of the childhood hepatitis Y the spread of monkeypox. On the other hand, thousands of readers were informed through 20 minutes of everything related to eurovision song contest and with sports news, starring the Real Madrid bracethe frustrated signing of Mbappe and the triumphs of Rafael Nadal Y Carlos Alcaraz. Regarding the social chronicle, the separation of Almudena Cid and Christian Galvezthe death of the former princess of Qatar Kasia Gallanio and the interview with the judge of master chef jordi cruz it also attracted thousands of readers.

The newspaper’s leadership is also sustained by its extensive catalog of content, among which are the travel destinations for this summer and those developed by cinemania -with a special mention to Ray Liotta’s death-, Women, Gastronomy, Motor and mobility Y 20Bit.

The data corresponds to the period between May 1 and 31, 2022. GfK DAM is the official meter for digital consumption, which replaces the other international meter, Comscore, for Spain in the market for media and advertising companies and marketers. In addition to the audience on the Internet, that of the printed media is also audited, through the General Media Study (EGM). Just like on the internet 20 minutes It has a leadership position, in this case in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Valencia, which are the areas in which it is distributed daily.


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